Does anyone actually like the country they live in? Seems like everyone always complains no matter what...

Does anyone actually like the country they live in? Seems like everyone always complains no matter what. Post here only if you like your country and wouldn’t move somewhere else
t. happy living here and proud

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yeah nationalism is a spook. read stirner and despook yourself

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Minus the crime it's really good here.

I would love México if this country wasn' t filled with fags

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I like my country

dunno, I know for sure that it sucks here tho

I do.

Most people that complains would not be happier in another country. The issue is with humanity, it has something rotten but beautiful at the same time. If you don't see the bad in your country you're as blind as the person who complains all the time.

Complaint is the sport of the decadent. Most the people here are neet while wanting for nothing but a gf. I am perfectly content in my country. But I'm still gonna complain

Try loving your country when it looks like this:

Well... good weather?

Yes. I like living here. I think most of my discontents with the country is that everything feels so normal to me, one of the reason I like seeing other countries and cultures is to know how they live, it just intrigues me.

nah I‘m good

Is it even a question?

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This is not even a poor neighborhood, this is middle clads, poor people who are live in tin cans.

Yep I'm happy here. Could be worse.

I have nothing against living in Spain but hating Spaniards is fairly logical.

I like seeing other countries and seeing how fucked up their society and cherish my own country.

What do you guys like about your cunts?

I always complain because it's fun, but i love living here.

Yes. I thought about moving elsewhere when I was younger, but now I wouldn't even consider it.

Maybe you could move to a different state. What’s so bad?

I like the way of life, the wealth, opportunity, the people, our Democracy.

i have no problems here, if i lived in a major city i would probably hate it though

I think it's ok.

I think I just hate living in a (relatively) big city. Too loud, too smelly, too Chinese, etc. Just want to chill by the beach or in the rainforests or in the outback sometimes, that's where the real heart of straya is

also what these cunts said

Why only okay?
Hell yeah dude.
Eesti fascinates me. Never met one irl

It was pretty good, it's much crappier now.

There are more "machin" faggots than effeminate fags


Is this Qatar or another country? I thought you were rich oilfags

Mauritania, Qatar is decent.

Helsinki is like 1,5 million niggerinfested and clogged up.

If you want to live elsewhere you have to live in 200k ppl tampere or oulu, or in towns with 100k or less.

I kinda want more options, but I think I will just end up relatively far and near of helsinki eventually. ppl usually just stay where they are born but I have been moving too much to get rooted to my town.