Why do they call themselves Christian if they reject the teachings of Christ?

Why do they call themselves Christian if they reject the teachings of Christ?

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I don't know.
The protestants destroyed much of Scotland ancient history for being idolatry and pagan.
This ancient cross from the 8th century was destroyed and used as a bench until the 19th century because it was considered idolatry.

It contains the oldest surviving old English poem and is probably the best Anglo-Saxon stone work.
destroyed in the past for being pagan by the Presbyterians.

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Because we follow the right interpretation of the bible and those who don't should die.

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I think christianity is fake but if theres a chance one of its sect is real its not protestantism for sure, but either catholicism or orthodox

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anglicans are not protestants - they are catholics with a different pope

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Wow much better now I can interpret the bible so that it allows me to be a shithead and ruin any kind of solidarity with other Christians.

>listen to my new world opinion on this European issue

They were.
I have been to this field with my Dad once. He was reading about it and it was disgusting.
The Church held mass but when asked to stop by the protestants they refused. They then locked all the people inside, remember women and children inside, burnt the church down then dug up the morts in the kirk yard then used them for fertiliser. This sounds like anti-protestant propaganda but their records show they did this. We are lucky that we still have Churches at all now in Scotland.

But protestants belong in the new world....

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Only protestants are first worlders

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What does 'real' mean?

approved by the pope

I am talking about presbytarians in Scotland.

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Only Lutherans Are True Protestants.

protestantism is mental illness

>nordic countries in nutshell

All abrahamic faiths are equally subhuman.


>Not pagan

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this but really unironically

I understand being a Catholic but Protestant countries are almost always more successful and intelligent. The Catholic church's hardliner position in keeping to outdated traditions prevents Innovation in a society. Gdp per capita, quality of life and the competency of the government are quite overtly better places in protestant countries than catholic.

That isn't to do with Protestantism but humanism.
Scottish humanism really valued education so they became the best nation in Europe in every way apart from art. even in literature Scotland was the best compared to others because of their humanism.

>Correlation is causation


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that would be hard since no one in my group has every been pagan.