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Show me your plugs!

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You want me to show you m-my buttplug!?

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I don't understand why we had to adopt those plugs too

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It's like that.


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>not b-buttplug instead

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Wait, that ain't a Vietmanese girl.
>homes have danish sockets
>they use european appliances with schuko plugs
>end result = nothing is grounded
Danes explain yourselves


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because the old euro connector was this. It was logical to add one pin for ground. Idk why others changed the design so drastically

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Why can't we have universal connector ?

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Good question.
Wouldn't that be a better thing to standardize than phone connectors?

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why isn't your plug in your butt user?

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This with just the two vertical holes.
But a coffee shop near me has standard American plugs with all 3 sockets even though I’m pretty sure I’m the only American within like 100 miles

Why is Japan split up between 220V and 110V? Just go like every normal country with 220V60HZ and leave those daft Americany behind

It was 110vac 60Hz single phase and 2 phases 110vac sine120degree = 200vac not normal 220vac

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very finnish post

lmaoing at all these baby plugs itt

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>fuse in plug because wiring is so garbage
>can only be inserted one way
>fuckhuge plugs
i guess they do work as caltrops though

WTF is that plug? Looks like you've pulled that out of your grandma's butt.

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some politician wanted easy money so he shilled this to sell plug outlets

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Fuse in plugs is an added bonus, the wiring being bad is a meme made up on Yas Forums because JFs simply cannot handle the strength of our plugs

Do you know what a ring circuit is?

That's the best plug, so thread over.

No country wants to give in and replace their plugs and sockets. We've already got the EuroPlug, but it's rather shitty, unfortunately.
I dream of a world where everyone is using Schu(tz)Ko(ntakt), because Schuko is undeniably the superior plug. Even the Koreans understand this, hence their adoption of the superior German plug/socket design.
But before we will ever use the same plugs, Murrica first needs to get a grip and switch to 230V/50hz and of course the metric system.

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