once got served a 3 course sunday dinner on a bendy bus in glasgow edition

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Mental how wogged British government is compared to say, Germany's

women will say anything online. the proof is in what they do IRL and the stats aren't good for indians. get over it, tiny dick white worshipping pajeet.

how do you feel knowing that i hate whites and indians and other "model minorities" and i still get more white women than you as a black man? it must burn you up, knowing that you played by the white man's rules and still lost.

glad to see my comparison to greta and gollum is being appropriated

Moni's onlyfans lads, best $10/month i've ever spent, oh my DAYS

good gimmick, will cause rorke to pop a few blood vessels

didn't see that comparison but it's pretty low hanging fruit

>menthol cigs banned
bet my aunts goin doopin mental
if she's still alive that is haha

Wanted to watch a cheeky earwax extraction video... are asians not people?

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gollum... gollum

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Shit gimmick.

ah haa

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whoever invented boobies deserves an award

pajeet big mad


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Imagine the smell.

pseuds always think theyre the first when they come up with something themselves
same kinda people who watch tv and 'get' and mild hidden reference and think they're super smart for picking up on it

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hail storm outside
was reading well over 20 degrees only a day or two ago

All vegans I've ever met unironically looked anemic.

No life behind those eyes, negative space.

>How does it feel knowing that 16 year old white slags will jump on paki cock for a pack of fags or bottle of vodka?

You really are seething



holy shit the perfect storm is a good film


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What would your TED talk be about?

not confident but I could probably take any cunt here to 10 rounds easily

Britain needs a bolshevik revolution

I'm not vegan (I cheese cheat) but i look underweight and pale.and sickly most of the time

pakis get laid tho. indians don't. pakis aren't white bootlickers. they're fine by me

Russian tinder is another fucking world

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all shit
im going with old english cottage or welsh long house any day of the week


The Tudor era, followed by the Georgian era, followed by the Ranch era


got dat damn muddafuggen coonvirus

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Free Wales and Scotland from Anglo rule.

Britain is already under Jewish control though

already had one 2 May 1997

Bloody hell, for the people who didn't clap

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and now, of course, its just raining

6 tops

Literally every other swipe is this

Seriously what the fuck

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Blair is far closer to fascism than socialism, like all social democrats.

Big eyes

ah yes fillers

>they're fine by me

Fuck off Shaheed

Hate this so called “tiny house revolution”

Shit gimmick mate

5, maybe 6 without the makeup and the surgery


I will never, ever be good enough for a woman that looks like this

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How hard is it to move to Dubai if you have zero qualifications?

Would settle for Kuwait or something if Dubai is too difficult

Eastern Europeans always have a wierd look to me i cant put my finger on it

5/10 at best

Wait a minute...
The Third Way sounds a lot like THIRD POSITION


not a tiny house mate
a tiny home.

she looks like a 5/10 here

Lmao then Brit birds are -2/10

Now imagine all the sweaty slavic pigmen she is forced to choose from

These women are all perfect

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why the fuck would you ever want to move there? boiling hot and can't go to the pub, ever
really don't see the point in emigration if you're just going to live in a weird expat commune

Why in God's name would you want to?

Blair was a Thatcherite.

face like a slapped arse
could be a 7 if she stopped being edgy and can guarantee shes under 19

girl scowl because she know in my pants the willy

fucking retard

uh oh... they're coming!

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If people think things will change for the better after coronavirus they need to wake up
Expect longer working hours, older retirement age, fewer social benefits, a defunded health service gutted under the mask of coronavirus, worse public transport, social gatherings permanently restricted and permanently high unemployment for years.

Quel edge!

Make more money innit

when can we start shagging again

Doubt you would with zero qualifications.

Thread quality has plummeted.

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bungalows are extremely underrated and should be the preference for more than just the infirm. also it has the most land for gardening /exercise


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except for the names
>hello I'm Ahactactcnr

Weird how aussies are 99% british stock but theyre 10 times better looking. Atleast going by tinder and the memes

And all of them welcomed by the "stay home save lives" sheep.