Imagine a world with only white people

Imagine a world with only white people

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There would be no italians

A world where nobody could dance


Greeks invented several dances

White people is not really a defined genetic group.

Sounds boring

>invent everything
Try living like an african monkey for one day

Race would be defined along different characteristics.
Blue eyed blonds would be the "whites", I bet.
Brown eyes brunettes would be the "nigs".

Yes, most Americans aren't white.
Do you have a problem with that?

>invent everything
Except civilization.

would be shit. who would produce all our commodities and provide cheap labour to exploit then?

you can't be "american" if you aren't white

what am I then?

Greece invented it

Shut up nerd

It would implode with massive genocides and shit. 2020 whites like to pretend they're not nigger in heart try to bury their past and essence. It hides very poorly

Good band

We wouldn't be alive idiot


>only attempt to destroy the world twice
>never hear the end of it after it has already been 70 years in the past

The world's collective IQ would go down a few points from the lack of Asians

> screwing other countries in 2020 is ok because it's not done with rifles


die cis scum
It's about bettering yourself, everyone is shit at the heart, doesn't mean you have to act on it.

There's nothing closer to hell

stfu cuck



We'd just find a new way to form cliques although objectivelly it'd be a less disfunctional world than it is now

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Yes India is british clay, how did you know?