ITT: We summon Liechtenstein

ITT: We summon Liechtenstein

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greatest country in the world

He'll never come

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I wonder what it's like to live there

theres 2 of them that i know of so you have a good chance i think, maybe more luck in /deutsch/

I used to respond these threads but I moved to Switzerland some months ago.

lick my stain fucknut

Well, Frankenstein, come on.


Fired from Hilti?

No but fuck Hilti.
I work on the Swiss side though so it's more convenient.

and what do we do when he comes?

Grab his flag

Only a few kilometres away from the border, wonder what they're up to nowadays.

Usually people ask what it's like living in a country the size of a mid-sized Chinese city and the reply goes like: "It's just a smaller version of Switzerland."

They are too busy fucking their sisters






funfact: at /deutsch/ were several posters from Liechtenstein.
We were quite certain one of them was Prince Joseph Wenzel

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How so?
Did he post tits?

Didn't their Prince marry a black woman or something. Pretty based

1) there are not many younger people in Liechtenstein
2) he had (very) vaguely confirmed it

That's Norgay

Do you have the thread or a screencap?

fun fact: /deutsch/ often manages to be even worse than /brit/ CAN YOU IMAGINE

this will be my only post, summoning threads are gay and I need to coom

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nah I found her
Princess Angela of Liechtenstein. What did Norway do?

na, nothing. I was thinking about searching for threads, too. But it has been some years since the last time he posted