John Rae FRS FRGS (Inuktitut: ᐊᒡᓘᑲ, [aɡluːka]; 30 September 1813 – 22 July 1893) edition

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not just poo but also bum and willy

aye, lost my leg in an anxiety attack


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poo haha

some girls like quiet boys
some girls like virgin boys
girls like cute boys
if you're not handsome i hope to god you're cute
t. cute

Funny how arse got so normalised by people

Like yeah you're an 'ass man' sure pal, except when it's on the bog and pushing fecal matter into the toilet bowl, then you're not such a huge fan are you

Watching this one now

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Don’t think you want to go down this rabbit hole mate.

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>on the bog and pushing fecal matter into the toilet
literally me

mmm tyres

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more of a hips-to-waist man personally

Well done to Channel 4 who for the first time in TV history have managed to broadcast both parts of Who Shot Mr Burns? consecutively

Anyone else ever get the urge to drop their lvies and join a whailing ship?

*nasally nerd voice*
Well done to Channel 4 who for the first time in TV history have managed to broadcast both parts of Who Shot Mr Burns? consecutively

would love to work out at sea

any ja/ck/ man in

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corona yet again inspiring human achievement

no apu! that rubber's vulcanised!

The fuss over Capt Tom Moore is getting ridiculous and has already endangered people, including himself.

No but you might want to look into how to spell whaling before you do that.

women do not like big burly men they want smaller leaner guys who aren’t hairy
liftmongs would get mogged to death by bog standard twinks like me

for me it's zuko

wud you rather die on your knees or walking round your garden


honestly can't imagine what girls prefer when it comes to men taking a shit

presumably they'd think it's disgusting but would you want a man that takes pathetic little shits? deep down I reckon they want an absolute bog destroyer, someone that puts a football in the bowl

Lost job due to Covid 19. Started working as a fast food delivery guy about 3 weeks ago. Because of the pandemic, we have to leave your shit on the doorstep and step 2m away. I regularly get sworn at and told 'dont put it on the floor just hand it to me mate'.

ah yes, the straight twink

No? It's a ship that goes out and you fight each other on you fucking idiot. Why would you think I mean whaling when I clearly typed whailing.

did the man walk the garden?

I don't think the 4 billion women appreciate you speaking for them

they just want one who cleans both themselves and the toilet afterwards x

About to livestream my shower

literally me

It's a different type of seaman than you're used to

For me? Ampharos, ampharos all the way.

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got a problem mate

whole lot of cope in this post