Why are more and more niggers coming to travel to East Asia?

Why are more and more niggers coming to travel to East Asia?

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t. angry incel davido-kun

>Chink Chang Chong thinks he's superior to an AfriKAN BVLL

More money, africans and african-americans are getting more rich.
And South Korea and Japan are very developed countries with very different and interesting cultures, so it's a nice place to visit.

Dragon Ball Z
And the western media making videos like this one for views youtube.com/watch?v=GuEQtn2nm9A

Superiority is very relative. I think intelligence is a vastly more significant trait then strength, and so, in my opinion Koreans are indeed superior to africans.

Probably because Black man will find it really easy to fuck Japanese girls if he comes here.

we welcome black people tourists :)

They really like Anime and Asian aesthetics for some reason.

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I think an African rich enough to travel to Asia for vacation is likely to be quite smart.

its in their genetic code, they are literally born to breed girls across the world.

Black people generally like asians (corner store koreans are an exception) and elements of asian cultures are growing in the black community. Anime is rapidly becoming popular for one. If you do martial arts you'll run into lots of black men. Also black artists like the Wu-Tang Clan popularized a lot of asian motifs. Different asian cuisines are super popular in parts of the US. Where I live, the vietnamese conquered the resturaunt industry because the food is fucking good, and vietnamese cooks added their own twist on cajun food (especially crawfish) that makes us chimp the fuck out. Korean fried chicken and jollibee are also getting more popular lmao.


>the cut

What does this mean?

We can travel now.

>muh intelligence
The classic pleb cope.

>"Lol there's Asian people in the back and they photobombed the picture"

>coming to travel
That's important, nobody minds a rich tourist that isn't going to cause trouble-

Trying to come up with a clever quip?

Asia and azn women belong to the white man.

We already gave you our white girls, don't start stealing our azn.

An intelligent person can win against the strongest opponent. Also, intelligence is wayy more important in today's world.

Because we like them
Other than a few limp dicked incels, I would say that black people are generally well received.
Many of the stereotypes aren't really true though, they pretty much have the same physical build as us, and are also pretty smart

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t. Mwanajuma

t.tyrone sensei


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>they pretty much have the same physical build as us
Asian incel fantasies....

black people invented peanut butter what have the koreans ever done for the world?

k poop.

>interesting culture

While Japanese women admire foreigners, only a small part of the population want to fuck white or black guys, most Japanese women simply don't care and would rather marry Japanese men if given the choice.

Ehh, asian genes are wayyyy more dominant than African genes. It’s more yerrowed than anything.

They treated me like a celebrity. It's cool as long as you don't want to live there, which I most definitely don't. I'm sad I don't get to go to Tokyo 2020 but maybe another chance next year.

>would rather marry Japanese men if given the choice.
They'd actually rather not marry at all.

I hope they continue to do so, blasians are kino

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that doesn't make sense.

Really does, mix asian with anything the child usually looks predominantly asian, whether the male(Kek) or female are asian.

In what world do you live in LOL?

T.Tyreese Lewis-Johnson

World of Warcraft

>They treated me like a celebrity.
LMAO when were you there? 1990?

In the real world, lol. You must be a brainlet if you can't see that.

Every black kid I knew growing up was fucking obsessed with anime. Like, obsessed.

>mix asian with anything the child usually looks predominantly asian
They look like mix of both since it's combination of both features. Idiots only say "dominant" because they are utter garbage at distinguishing features.

I know but at least the birthrate is barely higher than in Europe. If they have the choice of marrying between a Japanese man or a foreign man, they'd choose the former.


Gay lefty Bavaryan here.

I will not tolerate racism on Yas Forums, and every racist post will be dealt with accordingly. Thank you.


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>hey are literally born to breed girls across the world.

Why just the girls? That's sexist. We have a lot of cute twinks too.

This is proof you’re either a hapa or asian.

Why are koreans so weird-looking while the japanese are so handsome?

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Is this just a joke or are you for real?

Fuck off.

There’s a Yas Forumstard african migrant larping as German. Ignore him.

I'm Bavaryan, you piece of shit.