Worst shit you ever saw

i had to fish my cats body out of a fucking stormdrain once

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restraining my pup while she was put down. then shaking her to make sure she was really gone.

Train stopped next to the body of some immigrant who killed himself, his body was cut in three pieces and was right outside my window. Guy in front of me was about to cry but it was just very distusting

Back on my second year as a security guard I watched a middle aged man die in the pub.
He started puking blood, it was spraying from his nose and everything. Never seen anyone panic like that before. It took perhaps 4-5 minutes before he just collapsed and stopped breathing in a huge puddle of blood. Ambulance came in, took over after that.
Apparently he suffered from a major ruptured blood vessel in this throat/stomach.

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The mirror.

I found my dad's dead body when I was a kid, he was purple-ish

worst worst thing?
being a baby and getting beaten, seeing the rest of my family beaten, really scarred me as a kid

bad things to normal ppl?
13 years old i seen someone get stabbed in the neck repeatedly, but throughout the course of my childhood ive seen many deaths on the street either from overdose or knife so its not that shocking

i found my bully when i was 12 hung himself on a tree and i laughed

Seeing my father cry for the first time because I forgot that it was his birthday.

kek big dutch baby

The last one of these threads ruined my day, but I can't stop reading this shit

My gf miscarrying our baby in a hotel room during our vacation.

my first balding spot

planned baby?
my gf when i was 14-15 also aborted my baby but i didnt even know she was pregnant so minor

Stupid cat can't escape a fucking rain? Couldn't he climb a tree or something?

SP complete with a shadow demon who stole my breathe. Never such dread before.

To this day Im still wondering if I died that wonderful night.

It was planned yes, 22 weeks in, and the miscarry happened randomly while I was ordering breakfast. She just started bleeding really bad. Pretty sure I gave the poor room service lady in the telephone a heart attack the way I started screaming.

You grow up in Afghanistan or something?

minor can always get a new 1

haha shit sucks bro

i just live in a very poor area of england im fairly certain this is normal to ppl in hoods of america also, infact my friend just overdosed 4 months ago after trying to kill me

worked in law enforcement years ago, I told one of the most fucked up stories here a week ago. I got called to a construction accident that crushed a mans family, he survived and witnessed the whole thing.
Another fucked up incident that really bothers me was a call from a junkie who killed her son, she was on ice and used a hammer to kill her 11 year old. It's one of those situations that really fucks you up for a few months, his skull was bust open and leaking everywhere. I had to stay around the body for hours and went to the morgue with it. I have countless more stories but they all became pretty forgettable after that

Actually nevermind I just realized everything you said probably happens on a daily basis in W*llonia as well

>worked in law enforcement
pig it shouldve been your skull that was cracked open

is wallonia full of badman or suttin

cringe, you could never do a job like that you virgin

sounds like Manchester

Yes, the w*lloons

Did she have some sort of chronic illness or like fucked up kidney?

the hypocrisy of 4channelelers. . .

Waking up and seeing my dead toes all black in the hospital was kinda terrible ngl

what city

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finding a dead half eaten baby in a bush

i would never want to do a job like that
being a dirty pig id hang myself for being worse than rapists

Do you still remember the details or is the image blurry when you try to recall it
All my bad memories are kindof in a blur, which is good I guess

peckham south ldn

Saw a guy on a motorcycle get hit by a car , I don't know whether he died or not but there was quite a lot of blood

they are picture accurate if I actually speak and think about it, but I actively ignore them or anything that reminds me of them, you learn to not get invested

Brother fucking younger cousin (male) who is in dead older sisters clothing. Thought I banished that from my mind but an innocent picture on some thread and a completely unrelated innocent post saying "I'm back for more lol" just made it all flood back in.

dead baby skull smashed hammer and ice :D
family crushed construction man ohhhh shit fuck bad memory :DD

Drunken frostbite user?

Yes. Can post the pic if the thread wants it kek. It's nasty though.

what the fuck lmao compared to yours my life is a disney wonder movie

I can understand that.

yep i dont like to complain because im first world and i get social housing and welfare but it is what it is
had a little bad memory paranoia anxiety breakdown last night n made my gf scared but most of the time i ignore them

Go ahead

The city is populated with over 50% of niggers. Familiar, isn't it?

I warned you.

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ironic since a lot of these stabbings i seen were by eastern europeans like polskis

did he look like norf fc

Not me but this one profs wedding, his wife had no one on her side of the family outside of her grandparent on both side because all her friends and peers her age in her town are dead, fucked up or unknown and her parents ditched her when she was 13.

Saw the wedding pick and the brides side of the church was empty.

And what has Lithiania to do with Polaks?

you share the same gangs here

shouldnt they just sit across both sides in that situation

No, that's the freaky part. He was fit and dressed nicely.

Based eastern yuropeans bringing the a*glo imperialist payback.

Eat blade motherfucker

London is really that bad