That’s what you get for being so arrogant, Krauts

That’s what you get for being so arrogant, Krauts.

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lockdown is dumb and solves nothing

>lockdown is dumb and solves nothing
only western lockdown, fake lockdown.

there never was a full lockdown here

welp, back into quarantine you go

see you in 2021 or 2022 quarantine cucks

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>see you in 2021 or 2022
I'm not too sure we'll see you

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If Corona is still around when I am 80+ years old -the age bracket in which 95% of those numbers are accumulated in- I shall be worried

Until then I will stay in the sun and enjoy summer brother

when one country has about 10 million and the other 300 million I don't really see what it matters

reread the title above the chart

lol "lockdown".

Who cares. Our health care system is not overburdened
Slowly lifting the lockdown is the right decision

THIS is what you are all locking down over?

Avlidna = death
Åldersgrupp = Age group
Dag = Day

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>That’s what you get for being so arrogant, Krauts.
Ironically, Germans are one of the most modest posters in this subhuman site, my little brown friend.

>locking down
nobody is locking down. You're just confused and misinformed

>Ironically, Germans are one of the most modest posters in this subhuman site, my little brown friend.
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, diaspora hands wrote this

Actually it is. Especially Swedish and German posters.

you are locking down tight

just like germans

I know it's per million but still when it's 2500 old geezers or 70,000 old geezers c'est la vie. America has 30 million people filing unemployment claims, Sweden people still have jobs and hope for the future.

>Yeah FUCK anyone that isn't me they can all fucking die

Sweden passed a gigantic stimulus package for their economy, similar to everyone else


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Just because one country grows faster per capita does not mean that it will have a larger death toll in the end.

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how's that "saving the economy" thing working out so far?

>Sweden’s central bank, the Riksbank, gave two possible scenarios for the economic outlook in 2020
>In the first scenario (scenario A in the chart below), gross domestic product contracts by 6.9% in 2020 before rebounding to grow 4.6% in 2021. In a more negative prediction (scenario B), GDP could contract by 9.7% and a recovery could be slower with the economy growing 1.7% in 2021.

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Sweden is already flattening the curve lmao

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>how's that "saving the economy" thing working out so far?

Quite good.

>JP Morgan has forecast Sweden's economy will contract less than the euro area, with a 2.4% contraction in the first quarter of this year and a 13.7% percent contraction in the second. That compares with projections of a 4% and 17.3% contraction for the euro area; 3.1% and 16.6% for Germany; and 4% and 21.4% for France, according to the bank's report published on Friday.

>"The actions that the Swedish government has taken are good and it perhaps makes the performance of Sweden's economy less bad than other economies," said Jens Henriksson, CEO of Swedbank , Sweden's biggest mortgage lender. Statistics from rival SEB showed card transactions made through the bank fell by 28% in Sweden in the week of April 6, much less than the 70% in Finland and the 66% in Denmark. Similarly, while central bank data showed daily restaurant turnover tumbled 70% in Sweden in the month through April 22, that compared with near-100% falls in Germany and Britain.

Unrelated, but, you know.

>The Swedish health agency's modelling suggests about 25% of people in the Stockholm region have had or will contract the disease, levels at which it has said partial herd immunity could help slow the outbreak. By contrast, in neighbouring Finland, health authorities have been concerned the coronavirus has spread too slowly, leaving the country well short of their peak of infections.

>lockdown lifted

A media company wrote it so it must be true

>saves the African refugees
>kills own grandparents

Fucking unbelievable. I knew you people lacked empathy, but not to such an extent. Fucking NAZI scum.

I think I'll take the word of the Swedish national bank over JP Morgan, thanks. So basically the only thing Sweden did different is they killed more of their people

Wow, Swedes sure are retarded.

Yep, this is what experts have been warning about. If you lift the lockdown too soon, you get a second wave. Looking at the Spanish flu, the second and third waves were actually deadlier than the first.

Ok retard, which is why almost the entire planet is on lockdown in one form or another.