Will they unite?

Will they unite?

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Romanians know as much of Bulgarians as they know of Romanians or both of the Hungarians.

Austria is clearly an outlier

>Some Polish power fantasy
No, we stand with Germany.

they are already united, it's called the EU

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This is a democratic initiative, Poland was never an imperialist country and it's not going to impose its values onto others.

your countrymen disagree


The three seas initiative is a good idea, it would form a trade and transport hub controling all significant routes to central europe and allow for greater cooperation betveen east eu countries, both economicaly and strategicaly in terms of border control, so forming a economic and political block that would counterweight german and french dominance, and possibly be a first step to a unified military force, it would be a good thing for all of europe

Simply not true.

To me it seems like 3 sea initiative has the goal to cockblock germany and prevent it having closer relations with russia

why would we want closer relations with Russia? The only thing Russia is interesting for is its cheap oil and gas

we have absolutely nothing in common beyond relative poverty

It has the goal of grouping together so as to have enough political weight in bruxel to counter whatever nonsense merkel or equivalent is attempting to impose from moment to moment, emphasis on migrant crisis, while also having a chance against french italian and spanish when it comes to subsidies and import export zajebancije

Its all a good idea, its just that historicaly it often ends with some states acting like big brother and then everione fighting to get out

Germans are fascinated with Russia for some reason.

all of them but Austria have the communist experience, that's quite a lot

why are Eastern shitholes so worried about le evil brown people yet hundreds of thousands of their countrymen are immigrants themselves in Germany, UK, France etc? Is it autism?

What? Depends on what you mean by "unite". Will they do business with each other? - Yeah.
Unite into some sort of uniform political alliance? - No.

>have the communist experience,
we don't even have that. Communism in east Germany, Czech republic, Poland was NOTHING like Communism in Bulgaria. The collectivization of agriculture in Poland never got beyond 15% or so. Over here it was 100%. In Germany and other countries, small private businesses were allowed. Not here. We were also the most aggressive in suppressing Radio Free Europe, Vatican Radio and other anti-Communist stuff

Was never an imperialist country AFTER breaking free from the Warsaw pact*

what you wrote is not a contradiction

>compares east europeans with muslims
Da Pjotr.


Why would you even ask that, how is that not obvious?

So you just had a harsher version of communism but it doesn't mean we don't have anything in common.

yes, under russian rule

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Poland has never done anything imperialist since 966.

how is it a contradiction?
>you don't want evil brown people because they're so scary
>your own countrymen migrate to countries with tons of brown people by the hundreds of thousands

Are you 12 years old?

They migrate there just for higher salaries.

I'm not throwing a tantrum and whining about white genocide because you're asked to take in a few refugees like your governments

the EE immigrants to Germany and the UK constantly complain about the browns. But obviously they get paid more so they have to suffer them

They are emigrating legally and have good education

Jeez I wonder why we reject high school islamists dropouts from Syria

refugee leeches have no place in europe

they have more place in Europe than a dictatorship like Russia
>inb4 banned for this post

Being that stupid lol

Brainwashed idiot

No ones whining, were talking about three seas thing, why would anyone take in any refugees or whatever you call them, what possible reason, what in five fucks are you going on about?


you were whining about le evil Merkel and le evil migrant crisis here >why would anyone take in any refugees
if you actually where empathetic like you super religious Catholic Croats and Poles like to claim you'd want to help people in need.

it's tsardom

Are you stormfront?
You sound suspiciously retarded like youre purposefully trying to bait

No, they're enslaved by Vatican pigs

So we as the most athesistic country in Europe are fine?