Have you ever killed an animal?

Have you ever killed an animal?

For me, I've indirectly killed a pigeon before. There's a bunch of pigeons that lives inside the signs of buildings. One of them had its leg tied up in the strings that made up the inside of a sign. It struggled and couldn't get out. It was basically hanging upside down. It looked and me and I looked at it. I tried to reach up and untie its legs, but I couldn't reach. There was no way for me to go home, come back (1 hour) and have a chair ready so I could get up and untie it. The next day I walked past and I saw it bloody and dead on the street. I didn't examine, but I guess it pulled so hard it ripped its own leg off and died from blood loss. Or it could be someone who jumped up, yanked on the pigeon, and ripped it to death. Or it fell onto the sidewalk, tumbled into the street and someone trampled it/had a car run over it.

I still feel sad for that bird to this day.

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I hunt, kill, and eat, invasive pythons, tegus, and iguanas.

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One night at work I saw a rat and felt the irresistible urge to chase it down and stomp it to death, so I did, cucking a nearby cat out of a fresh kill
I did this in front of several women who were visibly terrified, to this day I still think it was tunny.

I smashed a rat to death with my garbage can

I guess you don't count fish?

Yeah I've stepped rats

I killed a large amount of flogs when I was a kid.

I once ran over a hedgehog on the road. It was with it's babies and I only killed the mom.
Felt pretty bad about that, hedgehogs are pretty based and those babies definitely died without their mom.

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When I was a kid I was running out in the yard at night barefoot. I stepped on something and I heard a squish. It felt slimy on my feet. When I ran back inside, there was blood all over the floor. I'm 100% sure I stepped and killed a rat. It was over 20 years ago and I still remember the feeling. My toenail also turned black and fell off soon after.

I killed a cat with a table leg when I was 7.
Now I regret it, of course.

Killed this boar a month ago after he had been hit by a car

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Based, should have killed his entire family too

Based, fuck boars.

When I was a small boy I have found a small lizard under a rock. It didn’t move. I thought it was dead and thought it would be cool to pretend to be like all those action heroes who take their opponent and tear him apart. So I actually did it.

Only later in life I realized that those kind of lizard go into hibernation and sleep under rocks.

I feel bad about it to this day.

shot a bird with a bb gun. felt bad afterward

Snapped a birds neck that flew into my back window and broke it's wings. Felt like i had to do it, i grew up with seeing my dad do it. Felt bad about after though.

When I was 13 we had a camping field trip. By the shore there was this huge purple starfish. I don't know how big it was, but it was the a bit smaller than us as kids. So maybe 4 feet in diameter? I didn't participate, but a lot of kids grabbed huge rocks and started throwing at it. It moved a bit but I don't think it was capable of "running" away. One kid smashed a huge rock into it and it "bled". Starfish don't have blood, but after chucking the big rock at it, some red stuff oozed out of the giant purple starfish.

Why are Americans like this?

killed some dogs by feeding them shattered glass

i ran over some thing with my car a few years ago, i didnt quite see what it was because it jumped infront of my car while i was going fairly quick (within speed limit mind), an i drove off quite fast too and only saw a red and black pile
i really fucking hope it was a racoon and not a cat

Killing a chicken for meal
cuttings its troath and holding him down while he bleeds out
it was fascinating to feel the life bleed out of his body, he fought so much in the beggining and could feel his muscles go weaker and weaker I shushed him told him its okay , that he had a good life, felt a lot of compassion while doing it , not pleasure not sadness but I liked guiding him into his chicken heaven, the thing that seemed odd for me was plucking him, cutting his organs up, seeing the body wich was still lukewarm when I was cutting it, when just minutes ago I was seeing the fucker breeding the chicks and being a dick.
Pretty tasty fellow we made a soup


But why?

they were being cunts


fuck soulless reptil*s


Not really. Tons of insects tho.

Yes, back in my teens I was a small animal abuser. I got my hands on a small wild animal (birds, frogs, mice), I'd abuse it until it escaped or died. Never cats and dogs, mind you. I think it was part of my frustrations at the time of not having control over literally anything in my life, so I vented my frustration on the only things I could, rather than taking steps to better myself and do what I could to those around me, putting down the video games for just a couple hours a day to do something productive to get me where I need to be. It's a really shitty thing to have done, and I'm glad it's over, because I have taken those steps to better myself now.

Damn. This is literally serial killer shit.

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