Do you have a female cousin?

Do you have a female cousin?

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4, one of them is my Godmother

Yes I wanna fuck her

Yes, even 2 in fact, both of them are older than me and one of them is a hohol

yes i have 2

whats a hohol

have you seen their milkers?

she has fat tits like all stereotypical ukrainian girls

yes multiple, two of them are attractive

have they touched your penis?

Yes they're one years old

Yes, she's awful, she's fat and doesn't shave her armpits and smells bad, and has cut our grandparents out of her life for stupid petty reasons


I'm about to be married to my cousin this summer.

I have one, we grew together.

that's weird bro

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Perhaps, but not unusual here in the northern north. Pretty sure everyone is at least a little bit related to each other.

Based norteño

Is she pretty at least?

lucky m8

None of them are attractive.

One is very suspiciously Asian-looking

Yeah, she's one of the biggest whores I've ever seen

Yes, she is. It's the reason I fell in love with her many years ago. We used to have a summer job together, selling strawberries. I could barely look at her without having a stroke.

when was the first time you sexed?

Yes, she is like 1 year old or so

I have plenty of them, my grandparents were Catholic and had 8 children.


Shorty after I had turned 16. She is a few months older than me.

can i have a thorough rundown on that

What's there to say? We worked together, chilled after, I stole a kiss, kiss turned into more and suddenly I wasn't a virgin anymore.

>family over for Christmas
>6yo cousin loves me and keeps sitting on my lap, even at dinner
>uncle jokes about how my lap must be "the best seat in the house"
>I’m kind of skinny and bony so I say "haha yeah, it’s probably the hardest too"


I have three and they're all hot.

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