Findom, moneyslave, wageslave, wagecuck

Why do Americans do this?

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bitch looks like bruce jenner

wtf, find a better looking whore to give money to.

americans have to have a master to survive
if not the state then whores

do americans really?

>catfished some incel on twitter with girls pics from 2ch

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What drives a man to subject himself to such things, what went wrong in this poor wretch's life for him to seek out this kind of thing?
My pity almost matches my disgust.

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it seems (hand gesticulation) he has some mental issues

He’s probably got something wrong with him

He's old and senile

wtf he literally looks like pic related

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He's only 65

He works with autistic children, watch the video.

Are Americans always like this?

can't stand this audio quality

why are germans like this?

>puttanone da guerra
>accento milanese

like clockwork

why are they so ugly?

>accento milanese
è piemontese

non ha l'accento piemontese per niente.

Imagine being his nephew and seeing your inheritance getting stolen by some camwhore.
I would literally kill her.

ce lha ce lha.

ha la cantilena da milanese con le vocali allungate fino alla morte, tutti i peggiori degenerati di questo paese hanno un finto accento milanese, fidati di me.

i piemontesi allungano ancora di piu le vocali.

hanno una cantilena diversa

Lack of soul.

cute girls don't have to resort to shit like findom to get cash and gifts from guys

se non riesci a sentire l'accento piemontese hai probemi

They do

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What a broken soul. I hope he soon find the sweet release of death.

does he at least get to fuck her?

return foreskin


Wew lad.