Are they the chaddest Asians?

Are they the chaddest Asians?

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undeniably, yes



No. These guys are.

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no, pinoy are

No, Dravidians are

Try being cuck in -50c winter.

No korean are

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call me weeb but i think the Japanese are. they have a tiny land but they pretty much ruled asia and never oppressed (until the amerikkkan invasion).

Han Bvll and jomon Bvll took turns raping the weak gooks, sorry.

Jomon was uniroinically cucked by yayoi which is Korean tho
>han bvll

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the muscular guy, chul soon, is 178cm ''tall'', meaning those ''tall'' guys are maximum 185cm LMAO

them and the Viets

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The Japanese only ruled SEA and Manchuria for a few months though. Mongolia on the other hand...

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They are almost as tall as Swedish footballers?
Your point?

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but mongols were oppressed for a long time throughout the by the Hans.

yeah, jomon was wrong. i meant to say yamato bvll, but yayoi =/ modern korean.

>half their country conquered
>rest of it just a tourist destination for chinks and vatniks
>population under 4 million
Good joke.

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Chad Asian are Jomon

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my point, is that i as a 195cm tall FUCKING TITAN would punt them across the room

you're not serious right Kim? LMFAO

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I bet you are a lanklet
Take a look at this

Not to imply that what the mongols did wasn't very impressive, they did conquer much of the arab world and china. But a lot of that conquered land was still just a lot of nothing, and it was all rather short lived.

If Mongols were oppressed how come Chinks built a gigantic fucking wall that costed millions of insect lives to keep the BVLLS out?
Population of less than a million and they conquered a billion chinks while Jappos got cucked by some Korean boats

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right guy is a chink though

inner mongolia?

No doubts they are.

Keep talking chink

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you can tell by the tall midface ratio

Of course we can still keep on talking. Same can't be said of mongols lol

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One day the White race will conquer your pathetic insect hole and install Mongols to rule over them

You will return to being rice farming slaves Zhang

meanwhile wh*tes get killed by horse sex.

You can name only one genocide against Mongolia in last million years.
There are genocide against chinese happens in every decade for last 2000 years.

Well you forgot this too so you're already wrong lol

Who cares chinese mongols.
30 million chinese peoples life worth one Mongol persons life. Thats why massacring chinese means nothing in whole world.

I really feel sorry for all those ignorant inner Mongolians who wish they could reunite with you guys.

If only they knew that you guys want them dead if given the chance. So much for Mongols brotherhood huh?

Modern mongols are literal we wuzzers. They haven't been relevant for centuries now. They pretend to hate Chinese but depend on them for everything. They should just be divided between the PRC and Russia.

Yes. No competition whatsoever. The men are real men (compare them to most SE asians) and their women are pure and beautiful.

Too much seethe for person living like insect small space.

Nah, you're all faggots. That's why you live in Switzerland instead of with your fellow "real men."

Thailand would conquer mongolia in a week and wouldn't even break a sweat.

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