the good old days of comedy edition

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I only know when it's friday because of homealone nowadays

when you think about it logically: poor people dont deserve to live

garbage show
haha im gay
haha computer says no
david williams is an unfunny fat little man

just went insane

Someone gets the virus in a city
>lockdown the entire city with millions of people in it
>just lockdown a few hundred or thousand people who have direct or indirect contact with the infected person

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what caused it fren

Little Britain is gross and I don't like it.

Also just got a captcha identifying "L. Ron Hubbard Wy", hmm.

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have been mistaken for an ftm on many occasions haha

Matt Lucas is the fat little one

Your mother squirting on my bedsheets when I brought her to another earth quaking orgasm

A lot of the unmen who post here are bullied for that reason.

I am building muscle and see noticeable difference in my body after a month and a half!!!

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congratulations you dont find a show aimed at 14 year olds funny! how mature!

>who gives a fuck about people who might not recover from it?

>fuck boomers and fuck genetic deadend soyboys with weak immune systems

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pmsl bruh moment

Apparently locking a few people in quarantine for two weeks is too authoritarian but locking down the entire country for months is ok

did a kek

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more like people with an iq of 14

>Manic schizoid epilepsy induced psychosis

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tonights entertainment

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mm goffee


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starting the weekend early boys
shall be bouncing off the walls imminently

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drinking a coffee are we?


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Joe Biden's looking a bit rough

As late as March 3rd, Sadiq Khan was saying there was 'no risk' to using the tube


mmm coffee....

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Those look like multivitamins to me mate

Just saw this mad pic of DPRK commandos

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Double espresso with double cream

what a great telly series

haha no I'm not that mong

just washed down 5 vitamin D tablets with a full bottle of banana flavoured calpol

see you on the other side lads

Saddle tramp, saddle tramp
I'm as free as the breeze and i ride where i please
Saddle tramp

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The kiwi who is DONE with this lockdown is based.

Fluent in sarcasm. Posts may contain snark. Swears a lot. Dog dad

proxy off retard

Fanatical little toads, sure theyre good for running in a line and dying but they have no creativity, its either by the book or nothing

Cant give them higher than a 5/10 thanks

That’s a pretty extreme looking AK variant, I wonder if it actually works..

We are running businesses, schools and governments from our couches.

Why even bother returning to offices once lockdown is over?

>haha no I'm not that mong

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Rorke truely and utterly on the ropes

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Toilberg demands it.

Is that piece of drain pipe painted black supposed to be a grenade launcher?

Because instead of working most of us are, in fact, wanking

muh office banter!

Imagine all the haggard grannies on these sites in 20 years still trying to squeeze money from guys
I hope these girls invest their money well

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We resent paying for porn and those who do, web 2.0 has taught us that the wank bank is free of charge

>make a living
onlyfans propaganda very few make a decent amount

>no mention of Benny BASED Hill
You're doing it wrong.

You first

Rorke blames women for inflicting him with his porn addiction though, by making naked women easy to see but hard to touch.


yeh but ((onlyfans)) stick take a massive cut

was she barred from the world porn union or something?

I'm not sure what the hurdles of making a career in the porn industry are, but I would at the very least assume it's much easier for women

Helical magazine, all the bullets are stored in a kind of DNA shape. Apparently only used with SMGs so far because their smol boolets stop the magazine from being too heavy and making the gun front heavy...so on a rifle it’s probably ridiculously front heavy.

I never realized how much I hated myself until recently

Don’t care what dumb bints say, I will give the same amount of respect to women with an onlyfans account as I would the cheapest porn star.
slut shaming? don’t care, send the bill

Thank you.

Do these girls make money from youtube ads or donations?

thought little britain was the funniest thing in the world when i was 13
moved on to borat in the subsequent years though

Shut up you weird little nonce

What is it lol i dont wanna download it

Based orange man accusing China of accidentally releasing the virus from a lab

>Don’t care what dumb bints say, I will give the same amount of respect to women with an onlyfans account as I would the cheapest porn star.
>slut shaming? don’t care, send the bill

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Benny Hill explaining sexism


This guy is absolutely loving it. Giddy as a school girl. Good on him. If only more old cunts were into this shit

Best british comedy to ever have aired

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Dream of the day I get to be the commandant of a reeducation camp, I'll make S-21 look like fucking child's play. The revolution can't come soon enough.

reckon the bulk will be through patreon or world hip star(?)

>”How do you know Mr. President?”
>Because I have it on good authority that it happens all the time here

kissing is very underwhelming lads
even with tongues
any shaggers want to chime in with their own thoughts

Any man up for a cheeky game of fifa?

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good old days of comedy?
monty python's flying circus
black adder (except the first season, that was horrible)
a bit of fry and laurie
the young ones
carry on films

What's David Lammy up to?

why did you ever have high expectations? kissings kissing mate

Love it personally, but always results in me getting rock solid so I can’t do it much in public

That bit at the end ahahahaha "will you keep my place for me"

well the first snog I ever had was electrifying but they're quite boring these days
just want to get on with it
maybe it's because I've never actually loved anyone

Based mention of Fry and Laurie

Sure sign of a virgin I reckon

Wouldn't know personally ahoihoh

That you just up? I've been at work for 8 hours now, you lazy cunts


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the current first world problem: not sure what to watch on netflix :/