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International Workers' Day edition


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don't pay your rent bros

International "Workers" Day

I've never had spicy fried chicken.

Why +CA? I don’t care I’m just curious

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now i want some kfc

International COMMIES day mk better red the dead oorah semper fi

is that california or canada so dumb we have the same acronym

Central America, dummy

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last thread had 65 posters

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you just blew my fucking mind

this will be my last post before I sleep

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hey can this leaf please stop making editions before we even hit 290


gn cummies

it takes a while to master, you probably just haven't got it figured out. it's about resonant frequencies like blowing into a bottle, except unlike glass you can change the size of your mouth opening so you dynamically change air velocity or whatever to keep hitting the resonant notes. i did the tongue whistle thing into my early teens because i was just copying my dad until i realized most people were doing something completely diff. it's worth figuring out since it's so much louder and has a cleaner sound


>this leaf
it's just goshcel on a proxy

1, 8, 7 on the MFin BBQ

frustrates me to no end that i can’t whistle with my fingers super loud

i don't have that one figured out either

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i've been trying to whistle properly for over 20 years, it has just never clicked with me. i've watched people, and seen videos and just can't hit more then a few notes.
i still do try, frequently. i haven't given up hope.

I fucking love carbs bros
Gimme all the biscuits you can

>hot buttered biscuit
jeez, and i had already fapped this week

we’re hardly men

i did manage to do it once after watching a bunch of video tutorials but it was hard for me to get it to work and i lost the skill pretty quickly after

I’ve never gotten close. Have only embarrassed myself a couple times while having someone try to explain it to me.

i can use my fingers, but cant use just my lips


i think i would trade tongue whistle skill for finger whistle, but not lip

mind you i can't finger whistle so this might be completely wrong, but something i noticed when i did get it to work that time was that it only seemed to work when i blew pretty hard; that i could only do it loudly or not at all. you can't be timid about it, seemingly

The only one that matters is finger whistling.
>you’ll never be THAT guy that catches a crowded rooms attention with a solid finger whistle

i usually only try to whistle at birds and stuff instead of tunes. i just want to do it louder, however i got about it.

I can’t remember the last time I was happy. Can you?

bruh some local birds seemingly started responding after i played that

no clue what it is, but one in my yard always calls like that.

I’ll check out some how to vids sometime. I haven’t tried for a while it’ll give me something to do

i think the happiest i've been in the past 12 months was august 3rd

no it was august 5th

i think it was just a lot of coincidences at once, but a few days before easter, but i hear from 3 people i knew and was concerned about and i'm still smiling thinking about it.