Your country?

Your country?
Your favorite pokemon ?

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Sableye motherfucker and metagross

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I like the snakes: arbok, that one in the OP, serperior, sandaconda, etc.

its gotta be meowth.

I always thought this fucker was badass

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All sleeping types are chads

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used this nigga throughout FireRed

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fug that takes me back

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The butterfly nigga whatever it's name was

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Sandshew, got that lil nigga to 100 on Yellow

also like Quilava and Quagsire

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pic relatd

hard mode: no legendary pokemon

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Favorite legendary: Regigigas
Favorite starter (and overall): Torterra
Favorite regular: Scrafty

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Snorlax of course
the most adorable pokemon, I think

>snorlax adorable
It's a killing machine and you think it's adorable

shuckle I think


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For me, it is Feraligatr.


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Charizard or Blaziken.

this is my problem solver

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Bulbasaur master race reporting in.

Played Silver for hundreds of hours on my Advance SP

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Probably Braixen, it was the only time when I din't fully evolved my starter.

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