These are the most masculine languages. You should study one of them if you are a manly white man

These are the most masculine languages. You should study one of them if you are a manly white man.
1. Russian
2. German
3. Japanese

These are the most feminine languages. You should study one of them if you are a female, homosexual or brown.
1. Spanish
2. French
3. Arabic

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not even joking, I think American Ebonics should be on the most masculine list.


Watch yourself, gringo

Spanish is the language of shitty normie music only roasties and gypsies enjoy.

>1. Russian
Way too many vowels, it's best suited for singing and poetry, but masculinity trait stems from steretypyes in hollywood movies. The most masculine slavic language is either Serbian or Bulgarian

retarded nigger dialect != language

I have a Bachelor's in Romanian and English as a second language. What does that make me?

Meanwhile, Hungarian is an actual gypsy language spoken by mongolian rapebabies.



Your opinion sucks hard, bro

The "retarded" dialect originated from the south. I guess you must think white southerners who say "y'all" sound retarded as well.

Serbian sounds way too memey in my opinion, its a rather funny language. I have no idea about Bulgarian.
Either way, both are irrelevant languages and nobody would study them as they have too few speakers.

>masuline sounding
you must be kidding
also french is a lot more feminine than spanish and arabic isn't feminine sounding in the slightest

I think you mean Lebanese/Syrian.

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You are a literal manchild if you think any language is inherently masculine or feminine. Learning anything other than English is a massive waste of time.

a dirty gypsy. fuck off

>reducing centuries of contribution to canonical literature to "roastie music"
caribbeans do not represent spanish
spanish colonization of anything north of perĂº and south of mexico was a mistake

English is neutral ground. Neither masculine nor feminine. A very sterile robotic language. Romanian sounds evil but in your case it doesnt count because its your mother tongue.
Fat monolingual retards arent welcome here!

Hell no, it's tryhardy as fuck.
Their manhood confiscated, they overcompensated. Doesn't work. It's just unsophisticated.

Yes, I do.

they do

Nobody starts to learn a language because of supposedly great literature anymore. People want to learn spanish because of Despacito and other unbearable low IQ songs.

Ironic, since Austrians are the gypsies of Germans. Competing with Venice, the Netherlands and Jews in terms of being the most subversive greedy greasy dirty fucks in all of history. Your only reedeming factor is putting down the bozgor rabble, the magyar mutt when it first started to bark.

Yes. Yes they do.

The most masculine (violent, aggressive, criminal, bull, pure sex, extreme objectification of women):
1. African-American English
2. Brazilian Portuguese
3. Caribbean Spanish

The most feminine (passive, polite, feminist, law-abiding submissive cuckold, nice boy):
Any white or Asian language.

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>A very sterile robotic language.
For the most part I'd say you're right, but I've read enough poetry to know how melodious and passionate it can be in the right circumstances.
>Romanian sounds evil
Does it? Hungarian does to my ears as well. Maybe it's a subconscious thing we have for one another.

>Buzzword: the post

I agree with belgium user Worth noting that blacks have a higher rate of homosexuality than whites in america

Fuck off Ardelean jegos.

>3. Japanese

Nips suicide themselves at the slightest hardship. Fucking pussies.


Suicide is unironically masculinne. It takes a lot of willpower to end it all. No wonder females rarely take their lives.

White American males are perhaps the least masculine on the planet with the highest suicide rates, cuckold rates and lowest birthrates.

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Most masculine:
2.Classical Greek
3.Old Church Slavonic
Least masculine:
1.American English

Only in white/Asian countries. Here in Brazil murder means virility and strength, while suicide means emasculation and weakness. No wonder your race is dying out and being replaced by men from the third world.