Where the med BVLLs at? Let me suck your pp please

Where the med BVLLs at? Let me suck your pp please.

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Sounds pretty gay user idk

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I like how white bois try to compete with the Black man withshit like "med bulls" lmao

the Black man is the top. You're not, whiteboi.

Don't need "med bvlls" to defeat black man. Slav man is black man kryptonite

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med bvlls hahhaha. suck my circumsized black cock

Ok roach, consider stoning yourself to death

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Ok I'll let you

Why do you fear the BWC?

Welcome back Rehep hassan atatlat├╝rk

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do you consider the Portuguese to be Med?

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Why do all the autistic spammers look related. Pic related the autist always shitposting about southern europeans being moor and getting assblasted in any thread about russians. What is it about these phenotypes that draw them to be such autistic incels?

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Where are the med bvll dongs?


>t. Med Bvll

wait nevermind


Imagine what a 20 cm BIG MED COCK would do to him

What a retarded autistic ugly ass loser

Where are the med cocks goddamit

>Imagine what a 20 cm BIG MED COCK would do to him
I imagine it would wreck his bussy into oblivion, leaving him gasping for air, covered in cum and in ecstasy

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My pp is only 9 cm long

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Ahem, where are the FUCKING med cocks I was promised

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