Sweden btfo

sweden btfo

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Didn't he literally praise us like 3 days ago lmao?

Fucking schizo

So does he expect us all to forget he called for the states to open up last week?

>more dead swedes isn't a good thing

sverige är homo

herd immunity is the right strategy, it sucks but the virus killing most boomers is a good thing long term

So? We still have room in our hospitals.

As soon as the rest of you lift your quarantine, everyone that was going to die without it will die. Tell me, what's the point?

Looks like he''s just beginning to understand it

remember that time he mentioned a non-existent terrorist attack in Sweden?


2462 is not a lot of people
a LOT more boomers need to die


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>racks 60k deaths and over a million sick
>told people to drink fish tank cleaner and bleach
>"we took the correct decision"
i can't wait for the four more years of this based retard being the president of usa

This virus is a JOKE.
ONLY 54 PEOPLE IN THE NETHERLANDS HAVE DIED OF CORONA ONLY... the rest had already health issues... whole businesses are dying because of this joke virus.

do americans really take this retard seriously?

>tfw presidential debates this year are just going to be Trump talking incoherently about things no one understands while Biden drools on the microphone
Looking forward to it

How come Sweden has had 2.5k deaths yet only 1.4k have been in the ICU? Why are you letting boomers die without treatment?

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whole 2020 is a JOKE
WWIII.... A nothing burger
CORONA A Nothing burger
the year of BULLSHIT

Fake news. 45D chess. Q predicted this.

I would like a source on your claim please.

Why should they? If you're 90, fuck off and die already.

He just realized corona chan would kill most of the boomers who vote for him

>they're n-not real deaths
Fuck off schizo

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>what is per capita

Why is everybody suddenly becoming a champion for neoliberalism now? I don't fucking get it

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>boomers on death's door dying is a bad thing
>boomers draining pensions and taxing medical facilities is a good thing
>economic leeches should live a few month's longer
>young people should sacrifice the rest of their whole lives so boomers live a few months longer

Sweden will rule us all.

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I said a source, not a wikipedia article

LOOK, CORONAVIRUS IS REAL... I dont deny that... But it is not as dangerous as people think... Only old people die really... And everybody under 70+ that dies has health Issues... Is it worth the millions of jobs that WILL BE LOST? Our FREEDOMS that are taken away from us... Let us live and let the older people also live, id they want to stay INSIDE to stsy safe they can do that and shouls get ALL the medical help if NEEDED... and for other people the businesses can open again... Stop the lockdown.. even WHO says that lockdown is NOT better.. in the NETHERLANDS they dont report cases of INFLUENZA anymore.. unbelievable.

We aren't. Fuck off, Ivan.

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do you realize that from those 1mil sick, 5-10 percent will die?


Younger people are dying from covid-19 as well, desu.

Let me guess... your parents beat the shit out of you as a kid

Link about WHO comments on SWEDEN

>he called
You mean the state governments?

You're all ove rthe place. A lockdown would have worked wonders BEFORE the virus was in full spread.

But nobody except us dared tell China to go fuck itself, so here we are. Great work, everyone!

They provide link to the source, government run site.

>But nobody except us dared tell China to go fuck itself, so here we are. Great work, everyone!

Give me the source then.

The death rate is like 0.2%.

>we need to open up the states
>but fuck Sweden

What did he mean by this?

Fucking hell, what's up with Jakarta?

>not wanting to destroy the economy for boomerinos is neoliberalism

Then how come we're dropping like flies over here?

It's true.


Get reinfected faggot

is like 6% on global average, but I assume in america it would be higher due to obesity and other illness

HERE... 18.000 people will die of CANCER in BRITAIN because of coronavirus... What a Joke. U guys are believing in LIES... But even the Guardian is reporting on it... Open your eyes please

Immigrants are not social distancing. Some Swedes are though.

It was around 3.4% in March, desu.

Herd immunity is a meme. The virus can reinfect people. Why do people keep treating this shit like dude its just a flu lmao attitude? Did drug mess up Swede brains or something?

What do swedish do when an immigrant comes close to them?


Tell me why he won't win 2020 by a landslide.

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suck his penis

We don't give people intensive care who don't need it. Last warning; Fuck off, Ivan.

Maybe it's just me but I don't like entertaining the idea of letting anybody in our nations to die for the economy because you're just giving the government incentive to let you die as soon as you become an inconvience to the economy

Most of the people that get so bad they need to go to ICU die anyway.
They probably also reported old people that died of natural causes while they had the virus.

thats up to local government kiddo

I strongly suspect they were the ones who put him there in the first place.

I think people would die with or without an incentive.

according to you pulling random number out of your ass, or you read that in Trump's tweets from late February?

Dying is a national sport. Also Jakarta has as many people living in it as all of Sweden.

t. Retard that can't understand the source

1987 is the amount that have been in the icu.

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tell me again... Why shut down the economy for this, the sports for this, the school for this, the fun in life for this?

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False, you get immunity just like similar other viruses

Didn't he call for the liberation of multiple states recently?


They do. Both China and Russia wants Trump re-elected. Some high ranking diplomat from China said Trump was easy to manipulate. All you have to do is praise him and he'll do whatever you want.

That few? We live in the arctic asshole of the planet, where you die if you go outside at the wrong time of year, how the hell are they not able to keep themselves alive?

there are different strains

In SEA (and in Africa) people die from easily preventable diseases like malaria, cholera, etc. 1st worlders don't die from things like this. A lot of these people starve and have dirty drinking water. They shit themselves to death.

Those are just hospital admissions, not the number of people who've been in the ICU. Retard.

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Lol, this is a meme. The "reinfected" shit is leaning towards just being dead pathogens left in the body according to the South Koreans.


>America has democratic elections and an electoral system
>the american people voted for trump
>china got trump in the white house
something doesn't seem right here

Boomers control the country.

Wtf I love Bonald Flumpf now?