Workers' day edition

Did you ever had a job ? Which was the worst ? Any stories ? If you never worked, what was a task you remember ?

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>Did you ever had a job?
I've had an internship
>Which was the worst?
Check question 1
>Any stories?
Not really it was fairly boring

Also good morning

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>Did you ever had a job ?
Yes, many
>Which was the worst ?
Working in this fruit and vegetable warehouse, surprised I even lasted 2 months in that hellhole. Minimum wage, 20:00-06:00, 50 hours a week, 5 in 7 schedule (so never more than 1 day off at once), few English speakers, warehouse floor was a fucking health hazard, always smelled of shit at the end of the day.
>Any stories ?
Some Romanian guys kept trying to convince me to drive to Romania with them to buy cheap alcohol and cigarettes, then come back to the UK to sell them. Pretty sure they wanted to traffic me or some shit, I dunno man. Also, one time my dad got arrested while I was at work (we worked at the same place back then), so I quit the company that day too.

>Did you ever had a job ?
depends, do internships count?
>Any stories ?
almost killed a guy once, but he lived so it's fine

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How did he escape death?

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it was either God or blind luck
he's probably dead now though, this was a couple years ago and the dude had alzheimer's

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Title is better than usual today

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Let's just hope for the best.
How are you today fren?

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cute kot
another day locked at home
how about you?

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Same, but with a better sleep schedule. I might go for a haircut, but i'm not sure yet

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>better sleep schedule
based and snoozpilled

Yeah i feel much better when i know if it's day or night kek

Getting a haircut is the first step to getting a gf

what if the gf prefers longer hair

>really lovely music
>it's MMO trash

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A sour beginning for May.

What's the matter fren ?

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Lost my grandmother last during the night, the hospitalized one.


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"last"'s extra there. Ignore it.

sorry for your lost fren

May she rest in peace, senpai

She is probably a lesbian

Feels bad man

I work heavy construction. HVAC stuff its not the faint of heart or bodily weak. Shitty pay, super stress. Been doing this for over a decade because work is life life is work.

>shitty pay
Now hold on just a cotton-picking minute

>work is life life is work.
that doesn't sound like a very good way to live life

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I'm still a mental case so no

Sorry for your loss friend. Hope it was easy on her

>page 8