Día del trabajo edition
Portuguese bros allowed

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>Portuguese bros allowed
Pero que hablen en español coño. Esto es un hilo en español, ese es todo el sentido de estos hilos. Si quiere hablar en portugués que vaya al hilo de portugués.

I dont speak any spanish at all but I think I read that one right of the bat:

Only if they speak spanish (in this thread). This is a spanish thread, this is the whole point of this thread. If they speak portuguese they should go to the portuguese thread.

Fucken nice. Thanks bro.

Se supone que piensan hablar español, o no? Es más o menos tradición dar bienvenida a otros grupos en el mensaje OP.

Español es bastante fácil, por si te interesa aprender.
>Spansk er lett å lære, i tilfelle du har lyst til det.

>Se supone que piensan hablar español, o no?
No, suelen hablar en portugués todo el tiempo.

Yeah it seems like I just suddenly got a hang of it. Never studied one minute.

No, (suelen=they?) talk portuguese all the time.

Bueno, no lo sabía. Solo he entrado a /lay/ una vez. He tenido la intención de practicar un poco más, pero no me gustó /lat/. De hecho prefiero el dialecto continental al latinoamericano, pero más por el hecho de que eran bastantes agresivos, y que la mitad de los mensajes eran memes de Simpsons.

Ellos suelen = de pleier å
There's no word in English that means exactly this, but both Spanish and Norwegian have it. I was happy to see it when I learned Norwegian.

Shittiest wine blended from cheapest grapes by the finnish state alcohol shop is called el tiempo.

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Cool its really much like french. I read some minimal french. What languages do you speak. Norwegian for me is third/fourth language.

Bueno, que tal les va, españoles? Ya ha llegado el calor? Sigue estricta la cuerantena? Tengo una amiga que vive cerca de Barcelona, pero no he hablado con ella en un rato. De hecho, todavía hay problemas en Barcelona con los separatistas?

I'm super rusty in most languages, but these are more or less my stats-

English, Spanish
>First-year immigrant quality / too rusty to count:
Portuguese, German
>Reading only:
French, Old Norse, Latin

I recently started learning Russian, but I'm not even capable of holding a conversation yet.

Cool mix.

For me:

fluent: finnish

fluent/conversational: norwegian, english and japanese

a bit spoken near 100% reading: german

meme tier: french, luxembourgish, meme north german danish mixes, esperanto

and now apparently I read mimimal spanish too.

es muy dificil

Porque sont los mujeres so pequeno

>Español es bastante fácil
tarzan tier chicano mogolic

>y que la mitad de los mensajes eran memes de Simpsons.
JJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJA putos frikis sudamericanos


Suelen = use to

Ellos suelen hablar en portugués.
They use to talk in portugese.

el buliado seniores aaaaaajaksjkasjkajskjsajkssjk

Ok its passive form thanks.

How do I find a job in Iceland?

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Based whale killer.

Siempre he considerado a soler y tender palabras equivalentes en significar "to tend to"

Una lista de videos sobre España en los años 1970s.

Concretamente en Menorca, Islas Baleares.


Puede ser que esa sea una traducción también.

They use to talk in portuguese = Ellos suelen hablar en portugués.
They tend to talk in portuguese = Ellos tienden a hablar en portugués.

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and still you can't

I disagree with this map Ive never heard of an adult foreigner that learned formal and common/spoken finnish fluently ever. So 88weeks is really not doable its just too different with agglutinative words and kongruenssi.

Nice, good mix there too.

Use to is grammatically incorrect, you might be thinking used to. That is solían, or perhaps any imperfect, depending on context.

They tend to talk is a close translation. Also, you can use something like "they are in the habit of talking." There's no word in English that translates exactly to soler.

¡Feliz 1 de mayo camaradas!

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I work heavy manual construction so

¡Feliz 1 de mayo camaradas!

Its the workers international fight day.

Based Norwayposter. How's the quarantine going there?

Its not too tight, 450 thousand people lost their jobs and oil price is 20 dollars a barrel. I did the math they have now used over 250million euros per one dead over 80years old elderly citizen. Was not worth it really.

Can't travel, had to cancel lost about 3000 euros. Shit sucks.