Tell me of your Zodiac sign, Yas Forums

I'm a sagittarius, therefore honest and independent minded.

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Only women believe in this

I'm Leo but I don't know anything about it because I believe that astrology is for lonely old women

I'm Taurus



according to this i'm a sagittarius
what does that even imply
i'm a capricorn in the traditional bullshit

i'm also sagittarius
what day were you born on, bros

I am Scorpio.
I think I am a cunt so I guess scorpios are cunts.

He's full of shit, 13 signs is a joke in astrology, an actual shitpost that some people took seriously. Sidereal vs Tropical is a subject of debate, but it's generally better to use Tropical with Western and Sidereal with Vedic. At any rate, sun sign tells you almost nothing, pretty much a meme. In order to analyze properly, you need to look at aspects to see how all the placements come together and houses to give it context. Sun sign is just for memes and horoscopes in women's magazines.

i am a Leo, a born protagonist

Aries, and its fitting. Stuborn, hot tempered and extroverted


I'm virgo TT__TT

like pottery

I'm Scorpio, so I should be slaying pussy. But I'm not.
I think my sign is broken :(

libra apparently but I'm not trying to read paragraphs right now, just give it to me spain am i gay?

You are an element of air, therefore an intellectual, therefore probably a bit queer.

dont know anthing about it tho

You're a water sign. Clever, social and fair. Bath in the Ganges.


t. taurus

everything about scorpio is described as MUH DARKNESS edgy anime character garbage, i am lighthearted and bubbly IRL, people describe me as extremely child-like.
why are women so prone to believe this retarded garbage?

Born in July, so cancer.

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Leo, born 2nd August

I'm a virgo, therefore I'm condemned to be an incel forevermore.
According to cosmopolitan being a virgo means I'm "solid, reliable, practical and stoic".

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I'm a taurus BVLL, of course.

who else /gemini/ here?

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This is the Dawning of the age of Aquarius. Aquarius!

> People born under the Aquarius sign are said to be progressive, independent, intelligent, unique, and idealistic.

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That’s a shame

It's pseudoscience for those with holes instead other branches. Why don't you ask our mbti type, then?


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women believe in personality tests now


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I'm scorpio

I'm a tyrannosaurus


please stop sharing my sign

I'm Scorpio too bby
Wanna fuck ?

>Zodiac sign
>palm reading
>Tarot(not for fun only)

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It was mine first

I'm not into incest

>millions of people born on certain months are supposed to act like same anime characters
Lmao at women

I'm a taurus

ignore the naysayer cucks here lads. Everything is connected, the stars govern our lives.


Tits or gtfo

oh no no no ophiucus bros we got too cocky

it was serious business in antiquity and during the middle ages/renaissance, though mainly among larpers

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So is Naruto supposed to be leo and sauske Scorpio
Is that how it works ?

Naruto isn't even set on Earth

things that matter: zodiac, blood type
dont matter: mbti