Why can't Britsh teen boys stop kissing eachother?

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the only men left in the UK will be the chavs and the pakis

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I don’t know, I’m in my 30s

What was the sample size?
Also unless they were forced they aren't straight, at closest they are bi

god i wish

It's only banter.

extremely based

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Lots of straight girls kiss, even eat each other out and scissor.

because touching girls will give you da cooties

homosexuality is not frowned upon in women as much as it is in men. Even in the liberal north i'm sure that if you see guys holding hands would immediately render them gay where as if it were girls holding hands it would look normal

Probably because it's BASED

>tfw no brit teen boy to kiss

I believe it, i've seen videos of "straight" british dudes daring each other to suck one off. They're a very gay race.

God I wish I hadn't missed teen love

Most of the gay behaviour in Britain stemmed from all male boarding schools. Remove any access to women for young teenage boys and they’ll inevitably start sucking each other off.

Because they realize that being gay is the only thing that makes any logical sense.

>Why British teen boys just can't stop kissing each other?
Have you seen British women? YUCK

l used to kiss my mates when l was a teen. Just something you did at parties and stuff no big deal

It's a British thing.


wait a sec... do other cunts not have cute bois kissing?

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Just a normal thing between mates, builds trust.

I want to build trust between our great nations :3

Perfectly normal to practice with your lads before moving on to more serious relationships.

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I wish I was a british boy now

Hnggg I want to kiss British boys too

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Meh it's not as great as some movies and TV portray it as

Yes it is

It's better than fucking nothing and growing up to be a dysfunctional piece of garbage

Yeah but not having a gf/bf in high school doesn't mean you'll never have one

Look closer at OP's image

Not necessarily, but having one means you were socially well-adjusted and can probably continue that streak into adulthood

Plenty of people aren't well-adjusted in high school for whatever reason but improve a lot in college

What does kissing feel like?

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Nigga, pakis fuck little boys constantly.

You sound weird user, i'd never kiss you.

That's fine, I wouldn't kiss me either