International Worker's Day edition

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is it safe?

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What exactly are they going to do? Shoot the virus?

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Wiat a minute Jan deleted the last thread because Jia lissa is russian and she fuck with black guy ?

Top 5 anime of the last 10 years lads?

Will be rating you based on your answers

No, Gov. Whitmer

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russian troll farms buying passes are the only thing keeping this website up. lol if you think banner ads would pay for traffic

Don't watch anime

And then what? Force barbers to give them a haircut at gunpoint? I swear if Yanks had brains they'd be dangerous.

Very cringe must be said (the LARPers with guns, not the Governor trying to play tard wrangler)

I played sport as a kid. Loved it. Hell, I still do boxing. I don't watch sport though cause it's a children's show like Playschool

>admitting to watching anime

We're on the brink of a depression

There is no justification for a continued Lockdown

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I'm sorry women are actually attracted to me so I don't partake

why are americans such annoying attention whores?

Going for my morning run lads.

>Australia will continue to back Taiwan's push to return to the World Health Organization (WHO), risking a fresh diplomatic stoush with China.
Now or never lads, got to stick the boot into China before they get off this one scot-free.

If Australia do this then this is absolutely based and UK, NZ, Canada, US and EU should all follow suit.

The Jetsons

don't really feel any animosity towards the chinese to be honest

They are broke and hungry. Many have children to feed.

This is gonna end in blood.

Sweden proves that having no legal lockdown has no effect on economic circumstances. Germ theory doesn't respect capitalism. People won't go out because of, you know, the deadly deadly virus so businesses close anyway and you get 10 times the number of deaths. So congratulations all you're going to end up with is a Depression AND 2 million deaths.


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How are redheads attractive when they have a 50% chance of giving you a ginger son

gf is withholding sex
wish I could go out and cheat like before

ginger men are the most masculine

Do you guys like Tom Misch?

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Thank you for your autism

>small businesses across the country go out of business
>tens of thousands of jobs lost
>international trade drastically reduced
>hundreds of millions of dollars lost
>for a virus that has less than 1% chance of killing you if you're under 60 and aren't a fucking genetic dead end soyboy with a soi immune system


and to top it off china knew about this for weeks before releasing any info so they had extra time to prepare and now their economy is up and running perfectly fine again while most of the rest of the world is fucked and has to buy shit from them now because their the only ones making shit


i'm supposed to hate the chinese because idiot bogans i'll never meet freely sold half their country's farmland to foreign investors? or because americans are behaving like they're in an epic cold war over some shit in the pacific i don't care about?
not bothered

>People are going broke, their children starving
>The solution to this problem is quickly re-establishing the system that set them up for this failure
Ah yes, very good.

should be obvious, tons of places that didn't legally need to close here ended up closing anyway

You do realize that it is entirely possible to completely open up the economy AND practice social distancing, wear masks, and be mindful of the virus at the same time, right?

>dieing because of the virus
who gives a fuck about soyboys or boomers?

Based short-sighted retard. Go back to grilling.

welcome to mcdonalds, would you like corona with that?

The virus isn't deadly, faggot
We're gonna let freedom ring
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

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we shouldnt do anything to stop corona
if you're weak enough to die from it then you should just die
humans will objectively be a stronger species because of it

Maybe you should hate them cause Huawei's technology is shite as stated by your regulators



No it isn't if you are in the same room as someone with the virus you are basically guaranteed to get it it's THAT contagious. Masks, social distancing etc are just a placebo and there is no compelling scientific evidence as the effectiveness of either, hence the patchy advice on both. It's basically giving people the illusion of control. Oh yeah 2 metres is some magical protective barrier that stops virus particles. It's the modern equivalent of a magical scarab amulet to ward off evil spirits.

So your choice is now basically between a depression, or a depression and 2 million deaths.

Is maccas not open in Britain? Oh my days
Had a $1 large fries the other day on the mymaccas app. Thanks Ronald

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If anything, the founding fathers show how important social distancing and shit is. They took syphilus back to Europe after banging native women, and now I can't have unprotected sex with random women