Why is Balding so common among White male?

Why is Balding so common among White male?
I’ve never seen a white guy who has thick hair

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Why do Koreans have tiny little dicks?
Why do Koreans have the highest surgery rates?
Why do Koreans have the toughest, most rigorous high schools in the world yet have not produced a single Nobel laureate?

Because Asian girls love bald whites

White and black people are the only ones with thick hair. Asians only have one type of hair: black and thin



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was that suppose to prove me wrong?

Take a look at the child’s hair
Thick af
Probably thicker than yours at your childhood lol

white men with hair don't have to teach english in korea

Did i trigger your complex???
I am sorry:D

Probably not, I was born with a full head of hair.

balding is related to high test.

>balding is related to high test

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I've noticed fat fucks tend to always have a full head of hair for some reason

Well you cant be fat and bald, you can only be one of those or you look like a naked bowling ball.

t. Mongol with full head of hair

what are you talking about? wayne rooney has a magnificent hair

I have very thick and full hair. Nowhere near balding.

cope monky

Balding from least to greatest

Spain, Germany & Czech Republic for some strange reason (drugs from doing gay porn maybe?) - Maximum Balding Capacity

Northwest Europeans/USA/Canadia - Medium Balding Capacity

Russia and Australia - Lowest White Balding Capacity

Asians - Absolute Lowest balding Master Race

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>Had a widow peak at child
Are you really White tho???

Thats infantile blond hair

The ABSOLUTE STATE of weak German hair genes

T. Balding

>t. receding hairlines
whatever helps you cope

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Which genes is causing my hair loss?

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>africa 13.1
do french really

Asians have low DHT. This is why they don't look masculine, have low bodyhair, beard and hair loss.

Iberian it would appear

I'm not French, hover my flag

DHT is only linked to baldness. Asians men look so feminine is despite having on average the highest test count they ironically have the lowest count "free test" basically meaning they can't use much of their test.

In the womb and during puberty, DHT is more important than T for bone and dick growth.