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He cute

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I love those things.

Here are some baby chickadees, their mother laid a nest near our grill last summer.

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I own one of those little guys. Such shame they are going extinct in the wild.

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It’s because you kill and eat everything. You’re like the america’s chinese

The fuck you are babbling about schizo.

I’ll post it twice monkey, since I know your brain is slow
>It’s because you kill and eat everything. You’re like the america’s chinese

Yo what's up?

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based peru

less makey posts more takey meds

t. florida

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Whats good

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Cute mudkips mexibro, keep it up!

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ugly as fuck

Before posting an image of our national animal, do they eat the op’s animal in Mexico as well?

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Do Australians have sex with kangaroos?

And this bug is endemic in our country! Cute and beautiful desu!!

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If consent is provided

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I have one of your photos of these babies saved, if thread is up later I'll post it

kek, fucking amerinimals

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Based, I own two of the little weirdos

how to get a GF cheatsheet 101, own an axolotl