This is why I lift

This is why I lift

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For tiktok?

Literally built for it

why do wh*Te """""people""""" look so robotic and scary when they dance? so evil


This is why I lift

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This is why I lift

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no ass
no tits
shitty moves
she doesn't even have a great belly to do that

is it just me or the fact that my first sight of a woman always land on ass or tits? like, if a girl has no ass or tits i cant get it up

just imagine her in an oven..

who is this boy?

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I lift for myself and for Mónica Granca



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You should do cardio

Since when do little girls like buffed dudes

to defend yourself once you are finally arrested on child molesting charges?

>Implicando que ele tem bolas para fazer alguma coisa além de pedir dinheiro para os pais

Shit taste

bulking will only get you attention from bottoms, not that i mind

She's built like a fridge with giant fucking tits

Isn't she underage?

This is unironically why I lift

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Lifting is a cope for an ugly face and manlet height

Yas Forums was a mistake
but this mine

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I lift to salivate over my own reflection in the mirror.


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Good thread. Upvoted.


based narcissist, im guilty of this too.

coping fat gains goblin

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I fucking hate it I can't lift I haven't lifted in 3 months all my gains are gone why do I suffer like this. Bodyweight exercises suck balls Imma buy some dumbelles hold me brahs.

Also pic is why I lift.

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stop watching porn unironically

lmao i've never needed to lift to get attention from women. as long as you aren't a skinny twink or a lardass, it doesn't matter if you're fit or not. what matters is that you arent ugly or short. or both.

defending yourself from the Greeks or joining hands with them to attack us like you did in real life, son of Darius?

>pic is why I lift

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My upper body is holding up well busting hundreds of pullups and pushups everyday but bodyweight sucks for legs. I can already feel my quads and glutes deflating like wet bags of shit.

>jews want us to believe that she is direct descendant of ancient semites and not Europeans who LARPed as jews