Nordoids put cheese in their coffe

>Nordoids put cheese in their coffe

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>user has never tasted Tiramisú or Opera Gâteau

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>putting milk in your coffee is fine
>putting cheese (milk) in your coffee is not fin

Tiramisù doesn't have cheese in it tf

*cof* mascarpone *cof*

I never finished va11 ha11 a, the fact that this person is pointing a gun at the camera is a spoiler, you fuck.

No, thats only americans.

cheese and milk have two different taste profiles. Just because sour cream has dairy it doesn't mean i'm gonna mix it into my coffee

It's not a spoiler, user. I'm amazed how clueless you are about the gunpoint edit meme.

I don't really consider that a cheese but fair enough.

what's the problem here ?

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your nasty ass nails

its to get crumbs of cheese under it so you can sniff em to rejoice if you're sad during the day

french were supposed to have superiour taste in cuisine

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smelling cheese doesn't make you happy ? sad !

No we fucking don't

You like cheezy smells, huh? *unzips dick*


> *unzips dick*
I hope you mean pants user, because that sounds quite painful

>there is only one type of cheese
Americans, everyone.

That seems like more of an American thing. Maybe you're confusing Americans from places like Minnesota and Dakota with nordoids.
I've never seen or heard of anyone in the norf doing this, and I can assure you if it ever happened the perpetrator would be summarily executed.

Not the same. Mascarpone isn't hard cheese. It's just rich velvety milk fat creamy goodness

Colombians do the same but with hot chocolate

cheese makes sense with chocolate

Google "Leipäjuusto"

Finns aren't nordois they're their own thing.

I only take my coffee like i take my wifes bull, BLACK

>the first video that comes up is a BLACK gentleman
oh no no no, do Finns really

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Native Finns were BLACK

Based. Good thing Russians descended from them.

I just put sour cream in my coffee, its like milk so you're wrong