Today is a holiday, and an international one, as far as I know. So...

Today is a holiday, and an international one, as far as I know. So, let's cook something special - pork stew with mushrooms and vegetables in clay pots. I don't know the recipe exactly, will do what I remember from memory.

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Cut the meat into thin strips.

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Season the meat with pepper and salt. Melt a piece of butter in a pan.

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i liked it a lot last time you did one of these.

is it orthodox christmas or something

Awww yeah based cooking user

You have to braise the meat slightly. In the meantime cut up an onion and some mushrooms.
Thank you. It's been a while.

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What holiday is it?

It's international worker's day.

it's international workers day

Unfortunately, I didn't put the dried mushrooms in water overnight, so I will have to use canned mushrooms. Also, you will need some potatoes.

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Never heard of it, it’s just a normal day in the UK today. Maybe the Labour Party are having some parade or something (or at they would if it weren’t for coronavirus)

Never heard of it

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>will do what I remember from memory

I'm having a bad feeling about this

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Put the onion and mushrooms in the pan too and fry everything together for a short time. Honestly, I am not sure whether this is a required step or not, but my gut tells me that this is right.

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It's called labour day in the US and is on a different date.

>pickled shrooms

Cut up tomatoes and a half of a bell pepper into small pieces. Unfortunately, I only have cherry tomatoes right now. Last week I bought Azerbaijan tomatoes that were the best tomatoes I have ever had. Expensive though.
I forgot that I also have dried mushrooms. But you have to put them in water overnight, so I have to do with canned mushrooms instead.

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Why do Russian kitchens always look like a mix between comfy and depressing?

That just describes Russia in general

Protip: always put warm lights on your kitchen if you don't want your food look like shit

Put the mixture from the pan into the pots. This first layer should take up about the third of the volume. It seems that my estimate was right.

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The next layer is tomatoes and pepper.

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Then put in the potatoes and press it down. Salt it. It seems that I have leftovers, but it's not a big deal.

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You didn't brown your meat and onions, baka

Press a garlic clove into each pot. Then grate some cheese on top. I only have cheese that it already cut into slices, so grating isn't an option for me. It's going to melt anyway, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

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Put some smetana on top, then seal with tinfoil so the CIA satellites do not steal the recipe. Put the pots in the oven. 200°C for 40-50 minutes. Do not preheat the oven, or the pots may explode.

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Pretty much this. Everything in Russia looks bleak, dark, and depression. Why does everything look so ugly and brutal there? I mean, it could be a nice house. But it looks so bleak.

Oh hello there, comfy cooking thread

do russians really

>Put some smetana on top
This sentence sounds way too Slavic, like 'apply mayonnaise' :^D

sleep tight, pots

probably because smetana is a slav word, as opposed to sour cream

If I pulled that off would you die?