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bvll edition

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i love arabs
ana arabih

First for north africa

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from where?
bienvenue camarade

Merci frère! Avez vous apprécié votre dîner?

Oui je mange quelques biscuits maintenant :D
toi ?

Chorba avec un sandwich. C'était bon!



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سيارتي مكسور لكن حصانتي جدا قوي. أشرب لبن بدون سكر

>سيارتي مكسور
american car i presume?

the electricity converter of my neighborhood caught on fire kek

how do you guys feel about the mexican GENRIKH ?

the Olmec nigga?

>the mexican GENRIKH


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ALL CAPS tripfag

i dont know him nor want to know him

never heard of nadim butt im sure there's allot of people with views like him in Lebanon desu and it's only gonna increase especially with younger generation who've never seen a war with israel

redpill me on him
from watching some clips from his show he seems pretty based but also he sounds like an israel shill and roach especially after his interview with Ashraf Rifi

i dont know anything about him desu other than him not viewing israel as an enemy

he shits on baathists hard nonetheless lmao

name one country other than america where such degeneracy is practiced

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lol their time is done anyways man
he wants to suck 2 dicks at the same time kek

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huh huh

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why do i keep getting penis ads?

GOD why are people on my facebook so fucking CRINGE AAAAAA