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Solar's patas on my fuego.

are award shows cancelled this year because of corona?

Solars p on my f

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yuna is too young to be having feet that lewd

Oh endlessly

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thinking about SinB...

Cutest in the galaxy

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L is a Man

joy foot

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lmao imagine being a literal janny abusing your power
my thread was at 311 it wasnt early
kill yourself

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Slug post.

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>his waifu is only the cutest in the galaxy, not the universe

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>slugroastie getting mad
your thread was early

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Is this decent enough quality?

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You = dumb

>Nako and Sakura are Levine fag

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Im a white chad actually.
It wasn't early it was on 311 :)
keep being a janny for free you pathetic loser lmao

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cutest dyke in the galaxy

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>muh janniebogeyman
i took action against your shitty thread because it was early so mods deleted it but keep seething like a bitch

you sound really upset, just follow the rules next time

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On-time Yuky thread >>>>>>> early Sluggo thread

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yukyung's a surprisingly good singer

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keep abusing your shitty power
my thread was on time and thats an objective fact
mods dont give a shit about reports and thats also a fact
tranny janny

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bella > yuky > sohee > karin

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your thread was early roastie, deal with it

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on time Slug thread > late Yuky thread

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the fastest non early thread is linked at 312



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slugroastie falseflagging. yuky remains superior

Where are they going, /kpg/ ?

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what if wendy was your bf

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What do you gain for having your waifu pics on OP?

That's not how it works. Check the Yas Forums api. The value changes on the 311 post

YooA face looks fucking fake. Was Dr.Kim off his game when working on it?

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the sluggo thread was made before bump limit which means it’s early, it doesn’t matter when it was linked

Wonho has 2 nipples, one for me to suck on the other for me to play with

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I make the sluganti seethe and looks like it worked he used his janny power to delete my on time thread.

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the thread gets bumped at 311 and at that time you can make a new one and post it at 312
learn the rules newfag and stop complaining

pretty much this
so many newfags here

There's some fag that mass reports any Slug thread from multiple IP's and devices so they always get deleted. Probably a ketchy.

>still complaining about muh jannibogeyman
you’re paranoid but the truth is you got btfo since you made an early thread, that’s what you get for not following the rules

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Lmao I have argued about this like half a year ago and back then the argument was 310 vs 311.
Everyone said it is 311. Now it is 312 apparently? You just keep adding one more and making shit up it seems.

off to a great start this thread

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is eminem the greatest korean rapper ever?

Where my mustyboys at

Just stop.

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Omo Wonho is lewd

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>slugroastie’s early thread rightfully gets btfo
>she starts crying and metashitting the thread up

learn to grow thicker skin and get over it

What rules? The ones you made up on the spot? 311 isn't early lmao.
This guy could be right sluganti uses his multiple ips to spam why not also report. Mods just delete whatever has a lot of reports

Chuuchads where we at

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If true, ketchy are based

I know I am in the right because it wasn't early it was on 311 lol.
Stop calling me slugroastie.

I didn't change anything that's how it's always been
you must've argued with some another retard
just remember for future you can only make threads after 311 is posted

slug is so based

why is she so mad?

Ugly trannymen getting removed from our general is always a good thing.

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Breaking the rules. It's cool.

The people want a Slug thread


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What about the other hundreds of threads made before that that everyone migrated to and didn't get deleted?
Also I still stand my ground that 311 isn't early.

i miss chaeyeon

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We love Slug here

guess who

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i know arin's head anywhere

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we hate sluggo aka the ugliest roast

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what's wrong with me why am I imagining what they will look like when they're grandmas. And it's so easy to see them in granny mode too. Jiho looks like she's approaching the wall already. Arin clearly has a way to go until she hits it, but this new haircut is has too womanly vibes...

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Sana and Jisoo are pretty which is why they weren’t added in the uggo list.

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obviously jannies won't delete all early threads
they will only delete the ones that are reported
but you can just make one ON TIME and the jannies won't be able to delete it


Lisa's legs


You sicken me.

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