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any morksis in?

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too many lolcow refugees here

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what went wrong?

Post natty waifus

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nshittyroastie getting toastie

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im gonna be real with you, im only attracted to wony ebcause of her age and i m gonna drop her as soon as shes 18

why is she eating a flower?

im gonna have a sore weevil when i'm done with this webm if you know what i mean

Jennie and?
no way it's rose

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you talk as if they have no free will, he can't stop them from having surgery

any NCTChad in the house?

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when izone disbands i'm gonna drop kpop like a brick but i might lose interest before that, we'll see

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she was always busted

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whats cake doing

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hello friend

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why are twiceniggers attacking wony again

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Yeah no that's not Rosie it's some random person



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because twicehags can't compete with wony

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For me, it's them.

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choco princess

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rent free


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Miihi is literally the only cute girl in Nizi

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even xiumin mogs those nshitty uggos

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Eunbi showing us the goodies now!

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Are any of these kpop 'Hi-Res' rips from these KR websites actually 96kHz? Been using some of the spectrum analyzers and I have my doubts considering I find quite a few of them cut off at 48. Seems like it's another fucking Korean scam

good morning bros

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is there any fanfics with her sister involved?

nice talents

she could do better

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Hinapia bullies the new girl

below average looks, below average talent, over the hill in age

BTFO again that fag can't stop losing

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mogs twice


wony’s wide nigger nostrils are a turn-off

nothing more entertaining than these gaypop queers arguing over which of their busted trannies looks the best

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good morning thread purifier

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not the fact that she's 15?

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ever hear eunha being called bunny? me neither, apparently beaners do call her that

and her massive chin too

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how bout this?

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is this fionna or shrek

cute and hot princess

what triggered the oncels today?

I'm just watching this Josh interview video because I'm bored and I find it hilarious that twitterfags actually gave Josh the info about Twice's flight so he could get on the plane. holy shit, twitter is crazy.

those are so plastic and fake what the fuck did she do that for

Like that exotranny who whines about nCT or sluggo and love the most hideous rat

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good morning to you, beautiful piece of heaven

20 years in the industry and still free of plastic

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What procedures did she have?

that’s one of those bulbous garlic noses but i don’t know if that’s her natural nose

"fansite" lmao. Fresa Brillante is trolling tf out of Shitomi fans considering the pics uploaded are rarely flattering

our binrin

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that's retarded

we all enjoy happenings

>done setting up her PC

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growing up and losing weight

all of them

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looks like a less ugly version of Huening Kai wtf

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sounds like twitterchads are based af

post more of their pics

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honestly cant tell if seunghee is natty or not, maybe a minor nosejob, but idk. i cant detect anything major

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the entire menu

eyelid, lost a ton of weight, maybe jaw surgery

how bout this?

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I love Taeyong!!!!

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right? do they even know teethfus?

was about to say that but only for shits and giggles.

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when do these guys go to sleep?

cute as heck

maybe she did some very minor surgery in her nose but she looks basically the same

she pulled off her whole face like reptile in mortal kombat

keep doing chin ups
work out your back

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>bulbous garlic nose

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word fellow nctchad he's the best

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i can't stop looking

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he dance moged probably 95% of all current gaypops

why does she pretend to play games? do her fans actually buy it?

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10 10



brutal uggos

I started posting like 30 minutes ago. The old creepy busted queer is here 18 hours a day

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/kpg/ told me that american hours were the worst
why did you lie to me?

that's sweet

i mean it. imagine if that josh clown actually did somthing stupid, he would've gone down the books as a world class moron

they seem to escaped from their tranny discord home
someone should take them back


Daydream>Dreamlike confirmed


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American hours aren't just yet. They barely woke up. Now is european prime time

alien vs predator

I can't.

>literally shows nothing
wiztard: boooooobs, look boobs, look, omo mommy milk

it's SEA/aussie hours

vintage is best

that's what he's saying

All the fromis content has been great. The only thing missing is a comeback.

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