Why are boomers so obsessed with punk

Why are boomers so obsessed with punk

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That's what cool is to them.

why do zoomers not actually know what a boomer is?

My parents are both boomers who love punk

boomers mostly don’t listen to “real” punk, they just listen to sex pistols and ramones again and again.

Your parents are 55 YO or older? Are you 30?

its mainly gen x

It’s funny I was just talking to a record shop owner today and we had a great discussion. He said that Never Mind the Bullocks is in his opinion the greatest album of all-time because the the old rock “gods” died. That album killed rock music. I guess if you didn’t live through the era, it’s hard to get a proper understanding. Even I myself, am not a big fan of the genre

That album was a rock album.

>making the distinction between Xers and Boomers
nice work

It definitely wasn't.

I know this is so fucking annoying..... Whenever we hand something down to these guys they just shit all over it.

It's typical. I aint mad, but it's like saying rap is metal, hammers are spoons, apples are windmills, etc. I just find it hard to take them (zoomers) seriously.

johnny rotten has said this himself. ironically nevermind the bollocks is the most famous "fuck off boomer" album
the least i can do

So you zoomers somehow manage to blame boomers for both Zappa and PIL ? Boomers are fucking goat then lol.

They had me late. I'm 26.

That album is for people who hate music.

John Lydon is a '56er, literally a boomer.

Did you just start this thread because you just finished watching part one of Punk on Epix?

technically yes, but it was still a fuck you to the past generation. i mean rotten openly trashed every rock band from the past that wasnt the stooges for gods sake

Wow. So you're 26 and still this misinformed and clueless? I feel sad for you.

Boomers made all the transcending modern classics. inb4 "t.boomer". They were idiots politically. But the cream of their eras (1960s-1989) is untouchable.

Bill Drummond said...

I don't know why this is controversial. Punk's peak cultural moment still puts it solidly within the boomer era. Boomers born in '60 were coming of age in the late 70s. Only the earliest Gen Xer could claim any ownership to early punk and the '90s are widely regarded as the moment when the generational guard fully changed to Gen X.

The majority of boomers don’t like punk though? Obsess is an even more ridiculous word. Even when punk was contemporary most young adults of the day didn’t get behind it, it was a niche thing.

Do you realize how retarded it is to say “uhhhh well my parents like punk so uhh ALL boomers are OBSESSED with punk. Why is that??”

Do you know what the word anecdote means? 26 and you’re this retarded? Jesus fucking Christ just end it

It's pretty common for a generation to dislike the generation that comes after it and the one that comes before it. But zoomers are different because boomers, Xers and millenials all hate zoomers. LMAO

Boomer is an Americanism

You're a millenial and you are using the term boomer like a zoomer would. Whoa.

they enjoy the aesthetics of fucking shit up without actually doing anything to change the system. its mindless escapism, like trap is for zoomers

I don't hate them I just find their antics pretty annoying. For example I've never heard a zoomer say something funny or insightful. It's almost like their entire brains are wired to their favorite youtube content creators. IDK senpai there is just something wrong with dem keedz. It's like the lack of having an actual childhood made them all weird meme spouting sterile genericized arm flailing clones.

It's not controversial. It's just that you're wrong. protip - watching one documentary on punk and then showing your ass doesn't make you an expert, it makes you a misinformed turd.

You’re just being too polite man. They are downright retarded, is what it is. Most of them seems literally illiterate.

I hate those smartphone addicted cunts, but then I hate everyone.

theyre just young man, give them time. once the next generation takes over the criticism will flood to them like clockwork

So who liked and promoted punk music in the late '70s if not boomers? Who directed and produced the TV specials and documentary lionising its idols. What generation did punk musicians belong to? Even the oldest Gen Xer would have been under 15 in the late '70s.

Yep. They’re usually the product of those lazy parents who just let their ipads parent their kids, and then they come out with these autistic post ironic self loathing brats who’ve never had a real meaningful social experience. I dunno how If ever this will be fixed

I consider this complimentary as millennials are mostly housebroken neurotic pod people.