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Unparalleled cuteness

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Oogie up

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>oldest member of the group is 16

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Good groups
Shit groups
>everyone else

i dont like this

Is she natural kpg?

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one of the cutest girls in the game right now

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Yeah naturally ugly

looks like gwsn chads are rising up

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this girl belongs to big3 not busters

Baste and pilled

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inb4 they boot her out

thank you

cute Busan

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What did Wony mean by this?

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>cant sing
>cant rap
>cant dance
>ratty sea face
>known turbocunt and a bully
>hangs out with niggers
Whats the appeal?

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>yooa's first impression of binnie: is she angry...?
>yooa's current impression of binnie: i treasure you

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blasting off again

finally a female op

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all of that is extremely relatable

i feel bad for us western worlders. we are so infested with gays that we will never know the comfort of casual, friendly touching
also yooa a shit

your waifu wishes she was jennie

she's cosplaying as


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hideous nigga

her facial structure is basically perfect, people pay thousands to have that and she was born with it

my wife

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poor man's seola

looks like yulhee, prob gonna end up preggers like her too

Why would they

true, i can't even give a brojob and people start to call me a faggot

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>those surgeries didn't help


i wish i could hold hands while walking with my bros like based curries
Is Korea forever doomed to be mogged by Japan?

what surgeries

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word, I can't even get fucked in the ass without people calling me gay

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any agencies that dont allow plastic surgery? or any agencies that dont force plastic surgery?

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nari > arin

SM, all the idols are natty

damn her hands would make my cock look huge

agencies can't force plastic surgery

Lisa is truly the most popular girl

how onew

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world domination

She wouldn't ruin her reputation with one of those


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don't wanna see your blood

tell that to YG and JYP lmao

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ㅑ ㅣㅐㅊㄷ ㅎㄷㄱ 내 ㅏ7ㅊㅎ......

Occasionally there will be an agency who says their idols are natty, but then everyone points and laughs.

apparently the nose and of course dick removal
also disgustingly injected lips and skin bleaching

They're also home to some of the ugliest idols out there. See: Sluggo, Hyogre, NCT, Wendy, Amber, etc


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You're such an idiot

taeyeon is also kind of ugly but she's plastic 100%

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gay if you wouldn't

their visuals outweigh their uggos

>talkin to yourself
cmon bruh

Forgot the ugliest shit in kpop

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what about gowon?

That's because SM is the biggest kpop company

What you call the wall is basically what they've always looked like without makeup and filters.

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delete this post


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Not EXO, I already mentioned all the uggo ones
EXO is actually one of their better visuals

can someone post the yeji masturbate webm, that shit always gets me hard.

their skirts are too short

Double eyelid = 90% bogged

Get over it.

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because i can

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nari vs arin in a being lewd competition

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i thought wendy was the one who destroyed her face with ps

lmao the absolute state

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you're making jinsol cry

cope and dilate and cry

double eyelid can be done with tape or some shit too

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Wendy's jaw shave might be one of the worst jaw shaves in history, she was average/below average before

Honestly not that bad since he's making a dumb expression there

she got her dad's manchin and manjaw

any agencies that allow gender reassignment surgery?

cope exotranny abomination

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does nari show cleavage?

Got more akb Juri?

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we can hope

Roa started to gain weight, probably cope eating

I'm not a fan of any SM group but you can't deny that their only ugly groups are some of RV, NCT, and Soshi

never understood the jaw shaves. shit looks weird af. also how do they do that without leaving scars or something

wasn't she a clubslut? why does she even want to be an idol to begin with?

you forgot momo's boyfriend

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why do her tits breathe?

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dude is almost 50, give him some slack

Sluggo is hideous word

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she has okay musical talent, tho obscured by being a hot slut

Plastic surgery without full disclosure should be punishable by law. Make up is bad enough but getting your facial features altered is a genetic deception of the highest degree. Imaging starting a family with what you think is a cutie only for the kids to come out as deformed goblins

Jaw shaves are huge in Korea because everyone wants what you call a V-shaped face line which looks sharp and slim, but it's easy to botch up the surgery because some surgeons make the jaw way too slanted

Heechul was better looking years ago



>suicidal for almost a decade
>3 friends a hero
>release song called "Happy"
shes basically begging for help

ketchys or pronkys...... which is the more pathetic fandom?

then she could try other things, being a normal solo artist for example, i don't mind her going for entertainment the problem is her going for what is the antithesis of her being

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ugly fatty failure

>that pit
does this mean she's not a virgin?

good thing predebut pics exist

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Yas Forums here this is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life!

Rocket Punch's prettiest member is short as fuck and is the oldest and worst vocalist. That is terrible and will only go downhill from here

She has a great coomer body though, which is nice

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it's okay SM have asked fans to channel their happiness towards her

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It happened to some chinese guy. It's that infamous family picture, you know the one.

ketchys run kpg from the shadows while pronkies have been exiled to /trash/