melodeath edition
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Reminder that Morbid Angel is the most high IQ band in existence.

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Nucleus - Entity


Why did Celtic Frost think it was ok to release a glam album in 1988? Who the fuck told them this was a good idea? Was glam metal alive in well in Europe or something?

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People memed me into thinking Gorgoroth was shit but their first three albums are actually good, what the fuck

>"I recorded my 'Electric' album [1999] at their studio Lartington Hall in County Durham. One day the guys were playing this horrible, horrible music. I asked, 'What the hell's this? Is something wrong with the studio?' They said, ‘No, it's Venom. It’s meant to sound like that'. It was absolutely fucking horrible, so I made them turn it off."

Is Paul Rodgers the most based man in existence?

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Imagine their glam phases started in like 85'. We'd miss out on To Mega Therion but we'd get some blackened thrashy glam kino.

endless bands singing about
>anti-religion and satan
>murder and rape
>fantasy and sci-fi

one band singing about
>beer and having fun

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If by based you mean "generic boring boomer" then yes. Disliking Venom was not a controversial opinion back in the day, and mostly it is not even today.

If we're not including the bands out of Britain, you had Europe havings lots of chart success worldwide in the late '80s, you had TNT doing quite well in Europe and Japan, and you had the Scorpions having something of a career renaissance (at least commercially) by reinventing themselves as a borderline glam band.



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What Venom album was that?
If it was anything after Possessed then yeah, some of the worst stuff out there.

What's your source on this?

Sabbat (UK) sucks
Hell sucks
Metallica sucks

Shut the fuck up, you retarded faggot.

Pentagram sucks
Vader sucks
Rotting Christ sucks


Peste Noire sucks
Watchtower sucks
Riot sucks

Devourment sucks
Incantation sucks
Bolt Thrower sucks

I enjoy all types of metal

Because why the fuck wouldn't they? Cold Lake is a very good album.


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And a very special snowflake badge to you.

I enjoy most types of metal

The solo on this thing is fucking sweet.


Morbid Angel sucks
Darkthrone sucks
Bathory sucks

Dragonforce sucks

Your favorite band sucks

>this thing
Oh look, it's that faggot Anthony Fantano.

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Tom Araya is our Elvis

No yours does