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all the Pyobros are here

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based frog

Which idol do you think gives a really good handjob?

kang boobi

cutest girl in the galaxy

and pyo mentioned last thread

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oh nan nan NAN NAN nan!

busters jisoo

dolphin is a really good song

are these demo versions? because this sounds a little different from the sonamoo version.

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holy fuck jiholy

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Are OMG still doing well in the charts?

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Yooa’s makeup looks hit as fuck today

why is it sound only tho?
I want to see Pyo

I think so
I know Keumjo recorded demos for A LOT of groups so maybe she listens to that

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Candy Leader is too cute.

want to receive a pitjob from her
IKYK has such a pittastic choreo

soljack seola sonar

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>make a creative post
>no yous
>post some stupid shit
>tons of yous
I hate this place

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that's how she usually streams, it's like listening to radio

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>he thinks his "creative" post isn't some stupid shit


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binnie flaunting her thighs like a whore she is

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bring me the binnie cam immediately

that's a shame but it makes her feel more comfortable I'm cool with it

we are still waiting for silent night special clip and curse of the spider self made MV

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i'm out

Unreleased 9m song?

please post what you are talking about i wanna see

based omg

uptown funk you up

uptown funk you up

kyungri but just thumb and index while she licks my face and makes cute little moans

don't samefag

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dinner is served

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Kahi would ruin your orgasm

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a face only a karen could love

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The dice visual effect was hilariously bad. Also the backtrack was kinda fucked up.

early friday evening with pyo

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do onces find jihyo attractive?

fresh off the presses

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My brain's dead weight
I'm trying to get my head straight
But I can't figure out which TWICE girl I wanna impregnate

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another good song

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I love slug being slug.

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But I'm a straight white male and love it

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My beautiful wife.

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what the fuck

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I want these songs released


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taeyeon is so perfectly literal

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gn bro

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post her menacing toes

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What did she get done?

Post come_on_joy.streamable


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somi more like blow me hahaha

only blows dark skinned gentlemen tho

somi more like evelyn's sister hahaha

Idk, you dont see the difference though?

Moon x Pyo collab when?

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only when they collab on my omo stick

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Post Arin pls, might do It to her today

other than the expression on her face, no.

this month

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This but all of them

>only blows dark skinned gentlemen tho

based trot auntie!

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OMG released an IU song?

i love jisun's cute face

is Apink done promoting? I guess grandmas have too low stamina for longer promos

>Bunny gets asked a stupid meme question in the chat
>"Is Momo real?"
>actually tries to answer it faithfully

that was cute.