black metal thread
Post good albums from this year.
Discuss classics like always.
Stay kvlt.

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why not?

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Why did he do it?

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He believed he was dead and living in a dream from which he could escape by killing himself.

One of the best from 2018. What a year for bm that was.

He was a clout martyr.

One of my recent finds was Dodsengel, contemporary Norwegian duo that make some pretty good and fresh sounding black metal. They've come a long way in the last decade or so and I'd definitely recommend them to y'all.

atmoblack and blackgaze is best black

Fell asleep to this last night, good stuff

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Aye, Black Twilight Circle has pretty good stuff in their catalog.

I've never really understood what that was about. Is there an official list of bands or is it just a small movement for those in the know?

It's a group formed by several bands that made some good black metal. Volahn, Arizmenda, Ashdautas etc.

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korgonthurus - kuolleestasyntynyt
faidra - six voices inside

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>black metal chart
>Nespithe in the background
How come? And is that your chart of personal favorites or what? Because it seems randomly slapped together if it's supposed to be something comprehensible for the newcomers.

i couldnt help myself i really like demilich

no, theres no order on the chart. but its all great black metal albums i like. i consider slayer's first two to be first wave, hell awaits less so, but the production and vocals are super first wave. the riffs, death metal.

i think its all good for newcomers. its not a flowchart just an assortment of great albums

What are your favorite LLN releases?

In that case, fair enough. And Demilich is great, so I can understand. Do you know of Amestigon?

i guess this can be an easier to digest charting
better grouping

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never heard of them. i know pestigore sounds alot like demilich and was a finnish band from the early 90's too
tell me about amestigon tho, are they like demilich?

It's a bit better, but I was mainly talking about thematic cohesiveness, which both of these charts don't excel at.

Nah, they're one of the best bands from the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate and you should give them a try. One of the members was in Abigor, another terrific band.

But if you want more Demilichesque stuff, Adramelech and Chthe'ilist are your best bets, also Blood Incantation to some extent. There's also Caducity.

first three rows are the classic 2nd wave Norwegian bands, with one spillover in the next row (emperor)
that row is death-influenced black metal, the three albums following emperor are the exact same sound (thulcandra is essentially a tribute band to dissection)
next row is atmospheric burzum inspired bands
next row are the leftovers. first wave, then the next three have the same feel and intensity, and then the last two are really dark, downtuned and low-vocal albums.
thats my mentality on it

But all of those Burzum albums shouldn't be lined up together as they're fairly different once Varg delved deeper into dungeon synth. And those Darkthrone albums shouldn't be lumped together because Under and Trans are the pinnacle of minimalistic raw black metal, while Panzerfaust is a more doomy, Celtic Frost worship sort of album, and Total Death is blackened thrash. Mayhem stuff is fine, though Emperor and Dissection being lumped with Mgla isn't. Seeing Slayer and Bathory next to that Ruins album is also weird.

what? the burzum and darkthrone albums are in chronological order. to have them in any other order would make less sense

theres really no better way to mix up that chart desu

I wasn't talking about chronology, more about the overall sound and how albums with different styles are paired together. Besides, it's just a personal nitpick so don't think much of it.


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