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Amazing album, his most accessible album yet it still retains a lot of aggressivity and loudness at certain points, very sincere and ahs a lot to say, amazing melodies, amazing and clumsy lyrically both at the same time.
And even with all that in mind; it's probably NIN's worst album which speaks about how consistent NIN is.

its great.

Trent has never released a bad album.



I'd like to elaborate on why this is probably "worst", it is the album which leans the most towards Alt. Rock sound, that unique layered sound NIN is known for gets a little bit lost on here. It is indeed the most rock-centric but that kind of harms it
Ghosts are all amazing, it may not be your style, but the first batches of Ghosts are amazing experiments of Experimental Rock/Ambient, while Ghosts V and VI are amazing Ambient/Dark Ambient, Locusts being some of his most Industrial work ever, Locust ranks incredibly high on my NIN ranking.

NINs last good album, everything after it is pure ass.

I don't get this opinion, how can you like With_Teeth, easily Trent's most bland effort but then turn down stuff like The Slip, which is essentially just "With_Teeth" but with far more of a bite and better realized? Hesitation Marks which has a lot of With_Teeth's song-writing tricks but far richer soundscapes?
And Trilogy which is a true return to form

trent getting back into the music game after 5 years of rehab

I fucking love the trilogy, it's so harsh and layered. Say, wasn't "Idea of You" a WT outtake with Grohl on drums?

>Say, wasn't "Idea of You" a WT outtake with Grohl on drums?
It doesn't seem to be confirmed at all. But that song strongly reminds me of "The Collector" it is just that it is far heavier strong than that one, but its idea seems to be pretty similar.

Has Trent's best vocal performances, my favorite NIN album, easily.

I'm not a big fan of some of his 2000s stuff like Year Zero, Hesitation Marks or the first two EPs, but Ghosts and Bad Witch are some of the best music he's ever made in the 2000s.

It's fine. I liked it a lot more before I got into NIN's other stuff, so I see it as more of a gateway into them for normies. I even preferred Hesitation Marks to this but it's still not a bad album.

It's not just the album that got me into NIN, but the album that opened my eyes to different and more experimental (to a kid) music. I was 12-13 when I first heard it and was blown away. I'd basically only listened to pop radio hits, as well as some classic rock, before this, and so everything about NIN and this album was amazing to me. Even though I'm now much older and have listened to all of NIN's discography and prefer several albums over it, I still really like it. It's got a seamless blend of harder industrial-sounding songs, more mellow pop and synth-infused songs, and it ends with two of his best atmospheric ambient tracks. It's not a masterpiece like The Downward Spiral or The Fragile, but it's still a very good album and very well-rounded and balanced. It doesn't rely too heavily on any one type of sound, which some of his other albums do.



Year Zero is amongst his best imho

i can understand why some people might like it, but i just don't
although i will say i like it more than hesitation marks
at least year zero has its own unique sound, even if i dont always like it

my fav workout album

the last good NIN album

the trilogy is so much better than this shit you pleb

The fucking sax is back on the new Ghosts.. I hate the sax on Hesitation Marks.


Nah man you're a cheeseball

Unremarkable in every way

>I fucking love the trilogy, it's so harsh and layered
I am so glad Trent has gotten back to this style, I feel like Hesitation Marks was the beginning of the return to more electronic, layered style which NIN was known for in the 90s, Trilogy brought back the harshness.


One of my least favorite NIN releases, although I realized once I got the 2020 reissue that I underrated this album. My bottom three NIN releases are With Teeth > Year Zero > PHM, and I still listen to tracks from those albums all the time. Amazing artist with an always interesting discography.


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What are your favorite NIN releases user?