I love this album so much bros

I love this album so much bros...

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Me too brother.

same, best band ever

never heard a song better than teenage riot desu

It'll unclick soon. But enjoy it while you can OP, it's truly godtier

>It'll unclick soon
It's already a decade since I listened to it for the fist time and I still love it. This album doesn't get old.

It's a decent album, but I prefer Sonic Nurse and Rather Ripped.

Their second best album
Goo is SY at their prime though in my opinion
Dissapearer being my personal favorite song of the band

It unlicked for me, but it reclicked when I started doing homework to it. Surprisingly nice to read and write to.

My only complain about this album is how low the drums sound. They should work in a reissue where they fix it.

i could see someone having this opinion
goo kinda has its own sound somehow

have you heard the boot of their last live performance of the album?

>Sonic Nurse
a fellow patrician. whats up

it's a very good record but i don't understand why is considered one of the best records of all time. too much guitar wankery and arty imho too

annoyed with the shitty female vocalist that ruins some songs. not one of the best records because of that shit

>too arty


>Goo is SY at their prime though in my opinion

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what music do you like if you find sonic youth arty?

Eliminator Jr gives me a hard on. Kim is kinda based ngl.

boring shit
also sonic youth are fucking cunts

>Kim still filtering plebs decades after release
Based Kim

Dude, it's some pretty straightforward alt rock.


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fuck nardwuar too though he’s an annoying nerd
fuck all of them

It's rock with an arty guitar approach. Not arty in an avant garde.way obviously

listening to the album for the first time now
i actually like the female vocals
breaks up the monotony of much of the album

I like it until Kim starts to talk. Fuck I hate her voice so much. They would've been perfect if she just would shut her fuckimg mouth.

is this an unironic post

And also remove all the vocals

Vocals are the Jar Jar binks of Sonic youth

Worth it for title track, Silver Rocket, and Total Trash

The could have taken the vocal melody and replaced it with an instrument. Maybe a kazoo

Goo isn't even the best pop SY album, it's inconsistent as shit. Dirty, Sonic Nurse and Ripped are better.