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We wanted a Yeji thread

>tfw no yiren gf

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I don't jerk off to wendy. I want to marry her

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i love loona

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dumb seething boomer

any mustychads or ketchychads in

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wtf, is this real?

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Jennie from Blackpink Ruined 1/3 Generation of Teenagers

YGE and bingewatching,
Feeling proud to call yourself Blink
It's a teenage dream
For you, friendless freak
Heavy makeup, fake designer clothes
Trying to mimic some sponsored hoes
She’s a drone, a clone, and plain susceptible

Iphone 6 and Twitter feed
A thousand retweet with the same one vid
That she keep repeat~ing to boost her self esteem
Retarded views on appropriation
But think herself korean, congratulation
She’s loco, Solo-singing, flaming homo

She saw Jennie from Blackpink
And think, this is her clique
A fucking group
Backed by gambling hood
It's sad to see these white foreigners
Led to dance in street corners
but honestly,
I'd hit her if I could

YGE and bingewatching
Thirteen years old, but acts like she’s eighteen
Likes to stream Ddu Du cuz she’s too fucking poor
Stanning, spamming, stolen fancam
Start a war, got doxxed all over
She’s a drone, a clone, and downright gullible

Only pedophile on her dial
Think her anything worthwhile
Her defiled lifestyle drive them wild
She’s constantly seeking atttention
With her slightly racist gook obsession
She’s loco, Solo-singing, percenter homo

She saw Jennie from Blackpink
And think, this is her clique
A fucking group
Backed by gambling hood
It's sad to see these white foreigners
Led to dance in street corners
but honestly,
I'd hit her if I could

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soon bros

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wtf where did u get that pic of me and my gf

most busted group after mamamoo

I love miyeon

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how did you get that photo of me and my bf???

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didn't know they had that many members

that's not wjsn

too late, you shouldnt have uploaded it on instagram, you dumb bitch

wrong x2

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rappers who are also good singers. post em

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Oogie up

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only the bottom three.

So What

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why are her eyes and nose crooked?

why are all of red velvet such fucking whores?

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>chanels muse
Do people actually believe Lagerfeld listened to kpop?

Have you thought about ways to meet her like try work at SM or one of the music shows?

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Mogs your waifu visually and vocally

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cb soon
shut up

oogie is chinese yeji

definitely not her

fromis need to post more today

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Nobody else could do what jennie does

Yena is Korean Oogie

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i kinda want to bite shuhua's chin, it looks chewy

do we like to eat ass here?

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>visually and vocally


Yiren is so cute

A little bit. I'm just focused on living in Korea first, and believe in the universe from there

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I love them

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fucking poser

would eat it desu

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Twice. haha.

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lighting is completely wrong on the guy

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Do you like scat?


That ass looks kinda flat

not only is she not playing the guitar there but she clearly fucking sucks at the guitar
seeing this shit reminds me of a "kpop" group that debuted in my country but at least they were all asian

why is hagfaced bitch such a slut?

this wasn’t as bad as i thought it’d be

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Remember those white dudes that were on one of the kpop shows

gross, go back to

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I believe in the universe too but you have to do more work than just live there, the universe it there to help you not do it for you. What sort of work you doing in Korea if you live there?

looks like someone deflated a small beach ball and stuffed it down her pants



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>comments are turned off


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Chad Future or that Tanner kid?

based low standards bro

Just taking things one step at a time user, one step at a time

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this thread stinks

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back from his europe tour with a cold sore on his lip.

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qt vocalmogger

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That rock band or whatever? I remember like a young english group

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but to answer your question I'm hoping one of my fights this year will be in Korea, if not this year then maybe early next year

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WHAT THE FUCK? first that jennie picture and now this? what a bunch of cock hungry whores

this guy would catch a left hook to the jaw before he could even say a word to me

Keep at it user. If you're the jacked wendybro why not think about modeling?

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>that nose

exp edition is a cool name

god i wish it were me

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In position for a facefuck

AHN YUJIN looking very fuckable here

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>exp edition is a cool name

>KAACHI is a london based Kpop group
How? They literally sound more like 5th Harmony than anything else. The beat, the delivery, it's still pure western pop
Even Kazakhstan does better foreigner kpop than these white people

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chad future is better

Chad Future was ahead of his time


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HOLY cringe

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oh yeah, a new FM1.24 today!

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*mogs chad future*

thank you for posting my wife

thank you for posting my wife

she was sucking a cock while taking that pic right?

kang mina you absolute WHORE

yulhee's youtube has been up for 3 weeks and she gets over a million views per video which is way better than most idols' youtube channels. it's crazy how dating is supposed to ruin your career, but her getting knocked up and leaving the group is actually what made her a success

I only know them because of I Can See Your Voice, but yeah, these guys had the feel of kpop right atleast

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Post that girl from fromis with the deep voice, nice tits and legs, and fucked up mouth.

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Mommy audience

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>In 2016, during a national tour, protesters in the conservative southern city of Kyzylorda demanded that their concert be cancelled, arguing that the band’s look was “too gay” to represent Kazakh men and that the name Ninety One was inappropriate.
>And in Shymkent, a group describing themselves as “youth activists” took to social media in an attempt to force concert organisers into cancelling a Ninety One gig, claiming that the band’s appearance was an insult to Kazakh heritage.

the guy in the thumbnail was a sm trainee no joke

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yulhee also gave off the vibe that she wanted out of kpop before she got pregnant so this all worked out pretty well for her

On those quiz shows with speciality subjects, would your specialty subject be your fave group or your waifu?


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gooks love that shit. it's like return to superman but she gets all the money from it

didn't know nayeon got a solo

>white people

dont you fucking compare chad europeans with those beta uk humans

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kazakhs mogging bts

that's actually pretty good

Basedul should have done this he same instead it's her idiot boomer husband with jamjam

_eunghee'_ a__

boat really fucked their whole image up huh

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