Let’s talk synthwave for a moment, maybe a little bit of other electronic sub-genres. So I’ll with some questions, how were you first introduced to synthwave and what are your favorite artists?

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Unsurprisingly I was introduced to synthwave thanks to Hotline Miami.

Burzum introduced me to dungeon synth

Not to sound like a dickhead, but who’s Burzum?

>"Heh, you're on the wrong board pal"

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The Youtube algorithm introduced me to Kavinsky, but unknowingly I had watched Drive about 5 years before. My favourites are Carpenter Brut, Dance With The Dead, Gost

I weirdly found out about synthwave from Apocalypse Now, the OST has quite a bit of synth in it, so I went onto YT and typed up synth music and it came up with Synthwave. My favourite artist is carpenter brut, when I stumbled on Turbo Killer on Spotify.

Gunship is the best. Every other synthwave artist sounds exactly the same to me

The only synthwave that's still relevant is Trevor Something

>how were you first introduced to synthwave
blade runner and hotline miami
I enjoy it when I hear it but I haven't taken the time to delve into the genre yet

I'm not sure if these all qualify as synthwave but the devilman crybaby soundtrack reminded me a lot of hotline miami

Oh fuck..!

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What about Lazerhawk? His music is pretty great.

So Bones did a heavily influenced synthpop album, thoughts?

I’ve never heard of them, but I’m just starting listening to their album. So what should I expect from them?

Well Bones is one dude along a production crew, Team Sesh. He's famous for being insanely prolific. He usually does memphis rap/trap/cloud rap, so it's interesting seeing go in this direction.

Aight thanks for the info. As for the music so far, it’s decent but the lyrics are kinda weak. Obviously the best parts of the album are the beats and the sound mixing.

Is Com Truise synthwave?

No, just synth pop.

how is he synthpop if his music is instrumental

Vocals doesn’t determine if it’s pop or not. Are you retarded?

you're literally the first person I've ever seen calling Com Truise synthpop. he's mostly considered synthwave/chillwave

Is this actually good or are spainfags on twitter overrating the shit out of this album?


Leather Teeth is way better

Yeah it’s pretty good. Though it depends on if you like horror samples or 80s aesthetics or anything like that. I suggest just listening to one of their tracks like Turbo Killer or Roller Mobster and see if you like.

Made up meme genre, doesn’t exist

It's a 10/10

It’s good.


It kinda does exist.

I was introduced to synthwave because of my ignorance. I was producing music without even realizing what kind of genre I wanted to make. After a little bit of research, I've found FM-84, The Midnight, Neon Indian etc.

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So I guess the saying was true, ignorance is bliss.

lel I just found out that someone I know is a fairly known synthwave producer, never heard of this genre before desu, his name is Lazerpunk, I cannot appreciate this kind of music tho