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Her brother is so lucky to have such an affectionate little sister

Just because twice are lying whores doesn't mean everyone is

Thought I knew the real, then they flipped
How many times did I ask about this, on God?
Why you let me find out like this, on God?
Houston, we got a problem, my dawg

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>Just because twice are lying whores doesn't mean everyone is

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bambam double b-ing mina's ass

very true


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elbow deep in minjoos gaping belly

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real and not early

Let's see some Duck

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An enozi episode where Sakura builds her desk and setup her battlestation would be nice

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oncels wont defend this

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w o n y

my favorite whore

What did YG mean by this?

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you know what kpg? im not going to let you get to me any more. whatever you say, im not going to be affected by it. im going to remain calm.

happy may day

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you're not very smart are you

name one idol group that isnt bathing in either CEO, sponsor, or male idol semen

He gives him JYP vibes

All of them except Twice

way to cope


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almost all of them
take your meds schizo nobody wants to hear your sick fantasies

my waifu

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i remember when dreamcatcher was just a cover group

I post actually pure and virginal idols unlike all of you complete losers

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kpop is basically freecities

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cute momoring


be nice anons just shit on them

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I treat idols like pokemon

I'm bored of abusing minju and feel like being nice to her


Thank you for posting my wife, I love her with all my heart

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if i show you her feet you will drop her

this is the final redpill

oogie you cute bitch but that's a lie

txt trying to sing

Negative situation
Name group that does not do it
Give me (you)'s

they could have at least picked cute girls

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what is this. is this real?

if we find out this was a lie she will pay for it

Too sad about her face. Miss her happiness era face

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wtf is this shit

>uggo tattoowhore

which girls are hotter, Little Mix or Black Pink

reminder we need to bully all female idols to lose weight

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>Comments are turned off
>no upvote or downvotes


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Producer Q&A:

Either a money laundering scheme or a lot of money is going to be lost.

she ate so little she completely disappeared....


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You're evil.

>1st Look
>8 pages of Minju confirmed


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>Comments are turned off



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anyone who doesn't say blackpink has never seen little mix.

blackpink easily
english women are disgusting

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little mix

what about the other 01z

>there’s really no unconditional love like this (love from fans) besides from your family. there’s no words to express that kind of love. I really, really love you guys and I think of us as a family

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At least exp edition wasn't serious

For me, it's RV.

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i'd only use her button until marriage to keep her other holes pure and unused

it really is over for white women...

meatsoo jav when

reminds of that 'friday - rebecca black' song
where the rich parents pay a couple thousand to make a music video

>Busan and two Japs
I don't care about hoes

>1 hapa
>1 SEA
>2 uggo whites
>can't sing

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post her freaking IQ