Do you got whores?
Cause I'll be one.

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my favorite whore

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even worse than sana

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we need to bully idols to make them lose weight
look how perfect lizzy was

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yunadaddies can't stop winning

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okay roastie

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I remember that time she stood next to gfriend and she looked like a twig even compared to sowon

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Selamat pagi!

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very proportional head and VERY talented

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hate them

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above average IQ

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now i will jihad

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in any case, do please keep posting THAT very cute and pure girl from china's most beautiful province, the island of taiwan

jennie kim...

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they're not sleeping. they're dead...

they turn their back on everything we built then they must bleed

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aka the brown empress

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should i pick up dc? siyeon looks cute

what the fuck why is every cute korean girl dying


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ladyboy mistress

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jennie you fucking wh*re

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