Will Toledo on suicide watch

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>pitchfork is ok only when it agrees with me



> pitchfork gives Fiona Apple album a 10
> Yas Forums hates pitchfork (nothing has changed)
> fagtano gives Fiona Apple album less than a 10
> Yas Forums loves fantano again
> pitchfork gives Car Seat Headrest album a 6.6
> Yas Forums loves pitchfork now
So.... what now? Is reddit Yas Forums‘s only nemesis now?

Only braindead baboons get excited when a shitty music magazine or a literal amateur reviewer agrees with them on a score

These are the same people who gave Fetch the Tampons a 10.

Yas Forums is a bunch of braindead baboons?

As is the case with most humans, but sadly yes it's a common phenomenon for Yas Forums users to be morons

thats too high

how funny would it be if someone raped him in the back of a car with his ass against the headrest and when cops showed up after reports of a stolen car bouncing up and down just a flattened pancake will toledo walks out and says i gotta get a new job

please, go back to r*ddit

>That same sense of gleeful adventure goes missing when Making a Door Less Open hews closest to autobiography. When Toledo describes Hollywood as “a place where people go to make their fantasies come to life, and they end up exploiting other people and doing terrible things to maintain their fantasy,” does he even expect people to repeat his words like he’s making a novel point? “Hollywood” is essentially Toledo’s version of Weezer’s “Beverly Hills,” somehow both the laziest and most ruthlessly calculated thing he’s done. Its concept is catchy and banal enough (“Hollywood makes me wanna puke!”) to realistically get co-opted by the very people in its crosshairs. The most generous possible reading of “Hollywood” is as a lyrical Eephus pitch, something that destabilizes through counterintuitive simplicity. Perhaps it’s not a mockup of Hollywood’s facade, but the cliché of people feeling like they have something new to say about it.

>This take becomes impossible to sustain with “Deadlines,” where Toledo’s stylistic tics— in-game metacommentary, nagging harmonies—start to feel like Car Seat Headrest cannibalizing itself. But if a song about the drudgery of songwriting is itself a slog, does that mean “Deadlines” achieves its goal? Or does it suggest that not even Toledo can use writer’s block as a prompt at this point? The latter seems more realistic in light of Making a Door Less Open’s more overtly inessential tracks. In the past, “Hymn” and threadbare interlude “What’s With You Lately” could’ve been written off as the churn of Toledo’s bustling DIY cottage industry. But when they make up 20 percent of the tracklist of his only collection of new material in four years, they become a working definition of filler.

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Wow, Ian lit his ass up. Good for him honestly. Cogent points all around.

Will Toledo BTFO. What a massacre

>paying for a 6.6
the absolute state of indie rock


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stop listening to s0i indie

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with his ass against th headrest my sides ahahahahahhahahhhahahah so fucking funny user i just pissed my pants from alguhing tsooaosfosoofdsaofosofooadsosdshhhffuhuuhuhuhphhhuuhuhduuhfuhuhhuhfududuhufu

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unironically a better song than anything on MADLO

>These are the same people who gave Fetch the Tampons a 10.

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>Fetch the Tampons

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Yas Forums is not a monolith

Let's take a look at a few pitchfork scores for this year...
>The New Abnormal - 5.7
>Fetch the Bolt Cutters 10
>I am not a dog on a chain - 6.1
>Kiss my super bowl ring - 6.4
>The Slow Rush - 8

Why does anyone give p4k any credit anymore? They are fucking retarded cement-gurglers who deserve to choke and suffocate on a large carrot for their awful takes. How they are still in good standing is beyond me.