Internet nostalgia thread! Go!

Internet nostalgia thread! Go!

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I remember being in grade 7 in 2000/2001 and using Netscape Navigator in "computer class" at my poor junior high. What a pile of shit that was.

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if you never played Candystand mini golf, you don't know SHIT about the internet

Stick RPG

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It is 2020 and winamp is still the best music player.

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Warez sites, Warez sites everywhere, sponsored by modchip links who hardly paid out and constantly looked for excuses for things you weren't supposed to do.

Porn ads everywhere, with 8bit quality gifs.

Being able to fool some CC systems by putting in 0000000000000000 as a card number.

Thousands of free web hosts, often used as warez site dumping grounds for files.

Millions of stupid pokemon sites to show the first 150 pokemon.

Sub7, BO2K etc all fun. Black Ice Firewall which was the noisiest shit out when someone scanned a port.

But most of all only 0.0001% of the internet was little fag kids tryharding and countless people cybering on yahoo chat and getting angry at you when you wouldn't cyber them in a PM. Also Paedophiles had the time of their lives with Napster and DC+ among others and even yahoo chat and ICQ.

And IRC was a fun thing to be a part of.

It all disappeared in 2002, broadband was starting to become more and more common, and everyone because selfish and ignorant on the net when it came to warez etc, so needy as fuck.

And that has continued to today when now its 67% of the net being filled with fag tryhard kids looking for a titty.

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oh god, the memories

Bloons and bloons td
Also td games in general

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Go eat dick, cyclops.

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Still using it, never saw a reason to switch

Good shit

Badger badger badger badger

Mushroom mushroom


i didn't think there was a browser less efficient than internet explorer/edge, i was wrong

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