Lars is actually a very good drummer. Highly innovative for his time and undeniably influential

Lars is actually a very good drummer. Highly innovative for his time and undeniably influential.

Why do people hate on him? I don't get it

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He's a complete and utter asshole

Could be related to his ideas about copyright, which are rather extreme

Christ hes going bald bad

drums are okish, (passable at best for metal)

he's no luke holland, might be able to keep a 4/4 with royster jnr but honestly kids play better than he has his whole career..

props to him for making it in music though

is it nirvana's brother ?

Nah man he's a fag.

Maybe, but this does not affect his drumming which is undeniably excellent.

Music is not a popularity contest

You didn't ask about his skill, you asked why everyone hates him.

20 fucking years ago man. Jesus let it go you obsessive autist

>pretending he’s the sound engineer
>pretending a slightly skilled 12 year old can’t hit snare on two and four
>pretending to remember any songs live
>pretending like Napster take down was a just cause

Just what comes to mind for me


Hello Lars, how's things

its talent.

of which he has relativly little.. name one element of musicality he does better than anyone else.

but people hate him for the personality, the documentaries and the copyright ideas

he still has these ideas..

its not about art its about his personal money..

nice bait thread

honestly i never got the Lars hate as well

I always thought he was a pretty decent drummer

does being bald matter when you get to have 8 ways with supermodels every night without paying them a dime?


He's an OK drummer. His attitude reveals the fake personality he's constructed over the years and makes it impossible for me to respect the band or their music, which hasn't been that good since the early 90s anyway.

Hes an awesome musician but has fucked up ideas about copyrights.
He should talk with based Trent Reznor about this

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Probably because of the fact that he comes across as an utter cunt.
Fuck that over rated ginger/baldy

Fuck off Lars

Supermodels have better people to fuck than wormy little has-beens.

the only people who think hes "good" are people who dont play music of any kind

Hes had a lifetime of profesional drummer and still plays about as well as the kid in the grade who is "the drummer" at every school

2 reasons:
1) He doesn't sit to fucking play half the show.
2) Shoulda been him instead of Cliff...

Mediocre drummer.
And jeez, what's with that snare on St Anger?

Forgot to take it outta the box.

dave mustaine is better as a drummer and hes almost fucking dead

whats with st anger?

Lars is the single most controversial drummer in rock.

Even hetfield shit on him back in the day when most people say he was at his best.

Producer of ...and justice for all has said there are so many splices in Lars drum track if you opened the tape up today it would just fall apart.

All that said, he's not the worst drummer as some would like to make him out to be.

He simplified when he knew he had gotten in iver his head, and when you watch him play live, you can tell he's doing his fucking best.

I was one of the Metallica fans that got kicked off napster, then they put st. Anger, talk about kicking your fans in the nuts.

I still love the guy, hes part of that band and has never had anything but unwaivering loyalty. So yes, despite the well known criticisms im still a fan.

sub par drumming
total asshole
baseless (wrong) opinions on copyright law

No, he's shit.
He can't throw together a creative beat to save his life. Master of simple drumming. And hes a nob from what I've heard
Theres so many better drummers that deserve his fame like Josh Eppard, who technically is one of the best drummers