Matched with this girl on tinder. Started sexting straight away

Matched with this girl on tinder. Started sexting straight away.

Would you fuck her?

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Nah but she could sit on my face

I'd literally rather fuck the dead kid posted above.

Wouldn't even touch her with pliers.

I'd fuck the shit out of her. Fat bitches like this love the attention and are usually filthy.

You would suffocate



How much money we talking about OP? Also how heavy is her front ass fat flap?

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Yeah I'd fuck her. I probably wouldn't tell anybody about it but she'd be fun to bend over and plough from behind.

not even I am this fat

Not even with your dick

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That "frunk" (front trunk) she has is pretty enormous. That said, sure, why not?


Id fuck her if no one would know.

Fat ass girls will savor your cum like a precious commodity.

If you have your own place, have her over, order a pizza and a BUNCH of booze. should be a fun time.

Actually. I didnt notice that insane fupa. nvm. thats too much.

Was looking for a word to describe that thing... thanks user!

Slutty tinder pics? Do it

holy shit


Her armpit looks like a normal sized ass. That's uncanny

found her nudes

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Aww she's not even the kind of cute-obese

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jesus your right.

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it's called front bum

OP, I like chubby (not fat) chicks and I love the welsh accent on girls too. I would fuck her, mainly because I am desperate so much that a piece of fruit looks attractive enough for me to stick my dick in, still I wouldn't want to be seen in public with her at all.


She smelly

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Her belly descends below her ass.

I love me some chubbies, but shit, dude, have some standards.

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not with another man's dick and a third pushing

I want to fuck this bbw whore so fucking bad dude

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How the fuck would you even consider fucking this kind of women? Just imagine when she gets naked, oh, the horror
Maybe fucked from behind but let me know how you feel after you cum and she wants to kiss you or hug and all that shit
Fuck, better a nice fap and a good night sleep

built for BBC

>lives in Cardiff

Bitch *is* Cardiff!

Are you disgustingly degenerate?
She clearly doesn't take care of herself in any respectable manner. Wouldn't even give her the time of day, fat Welsh abomination .

Lol what

Honestly this. Don't make the mistakes fools of the past have OP