Rallied against an effort to end a pandemic

>rallied against an effort to end a pandemic
>got sick
>where's my free fucking Healthcare

The amount of fucked America is, is too darn high.

Also generic covid dump

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Prove that he died of covid

When the (((vaccine))) for COVID-19 finally arrives, and we're all forced to take it or lose out on essential services, what will be the best way to remove the nanotechnology the vaccine contains, that will keep us tracked for easy contact and reliability? Via 5G technology, of course. Do you think a standard defibrillator will work? Or will something more extreme be necessary?

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oh hey i can contribute a couple. i love reading about these dopes.

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Are these people freedom loving patriots or just morons?

Message from his wife?

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Why are the people that feel the need to chant USA USA always - 100% of the time ALWAYS - wrong?

Nanotechnology is only defeated by nanotechnology. It'll end up being like pacific rim but microscopic.


I just looove how stupid americunts are. And Yes, they asked for it!

It's gonna be great, watching coronavirus sweep through the stupid parts of america once things open back up

Sounds pretty based

they are retarded.

Dat second wave. You think the numbers are high now? Just wait. kek

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According to O'Reilly, Hannity and the rest over there at that there real newsie network, he was on death's door anyway. The COVID only takes those about to die, like 60-year-olds.

Simple problem requires simple solution. Its when covid comes back and mutated into COVID-20. That's when the shit hits the fan

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For now, until it reacts to any form of cure. It already comes back after already having it.

they didn't, they just did what they thought was right even if it was delusional.

He died man, have some compassion.

What are these people in the video wrong about?

just get yourself MRI'd

fries anything electronic with emp pulses, to the point that people with pacemakers cant take MRI's

He died because he was intentionally being a moron. America, and humanity, is better because of it.

How about we start with the first inherent rule of all living creatures in the universe: SELF PRESERVATION.

This YLYL thread is impossible mode

Can't fry plastic, which is what the nano bots will be.

I love the inherent irony of this pic.

Stupidity kills....

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>have some compassion.
Yeah, I am glad for that.
Also how can they think that they were right, when all the medic science said that they acted wrongly? So again, they asked for it, and honestly... FUCK THEM!!

always turning to god when you want sympathy or money, i stopped trusting other christians long ago

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More stupid people getting restless.


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If theres a god, i like his style

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Yup, he is gay.

Nigger. Nobody cares.

Oy Vey!

I love these. There must be thousands of them by now.

Sounds like my 7 year old son when he pulls bullshit excuse for how something will still work out when I've told him exactly how it won't work.

"Don't worry, they'll be made out of plastic"

I'm guessing the transistors and various other electronic components are going to be made of plastic too huh? Ok little Timmy, what ever you say

>Attending Mardi Gras

Deserved it

Covid has nothing to do with how fucked we are. The hyperbolic response is the problem. The economy is fucked. Were gonna be living this out for a long time.

>Via 5G technology, of course.
EMF at 5G frequency doesn't even penetrate past the skin. Useless for tracking anything inside a body.

The lockdown is stupid and ridiculous
People will die of Covid-19. Most other who get it won't even realize they have it.
Both concepts are valid.

This is not true. Numerous studies have shown effects beyond skin deep from 4g and 3g

>The amount of fucked America is, is too darn high.
>please help me destroy america

The response wasn't strong enough, that was the problem. Had the original response been appropriate (and at the end of January) this would all be over already. Yet there's still morons out there like this who insist on dragging the economic collapse on longer than it needs to go on. They're still out there infecting themselves and each other. THEY are the problem.

The amount of conductive material needed for something as simple as GPS tracking and information recall is miniscule because of the amount of processing power, memory, and programming it needs. They are relational. So if we can create a simple circuit using something as simple as a pen with metallic shavings in the ink. I think we can handle manufacturing an all plastic mini robot. Especially in a scenario where our government puts nanobots in our cure. I think we would have the tech at that point.

i'm still wondering when trump is going to realise that a majority of his voters/supporters are dying right now

You seem to think you're going to convince people like that by informing them? They can't learn user. They need to be guided by their balls and emotions

Wasnt strong enough?
How? Hospitals weren't overrun. Not a single person went without a ventilator. You're a moron. Now the economy is fucked. Fed balance sheet has DOUBLED in 6 weeks.

98% of worldwide diagnosed cases are mild lmao